Kirby Triple Deluxe Guide: Level 2-1 Keychain and Sun Stone Locations

Check this guide out for all the keychain and sun stone locations of level 2-1 in Kirby Triple Deluxe.
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Level 2-1 in Kirby Triple Deluxe introduces the fast and indestructible Wheel Kirby. As long as you’re rolling in wheel mode, nothing can stop you, except falling to your death. There’s also an annoying ball-shooting vehicle at parts of the level that you need to look out for.

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There are two keychains, one rare keychain, and three sunstones in this level. I’ll cover each location, including where they are, and what to do when you get there.

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This guide will go over every keychain and sun stone location in level 2-1 including:

  • Keychain Locations – Each location and how to get there.
  • Sun Stone Locations – Each location and how to get there.
1st Keychain Location

This is in the area where the vehicle first starts shooting at you from the background.

  • Keep floating in the air when you reach the platforms to the higher level until you see it.

1st Sun Stone Location

Shortly after getting first keychain.

  • Head right until you reach a wall. Let the machine destroy the wall to get the sun stone.

2nd Sun Stone Location

This is in the area after the wheel mini-boss.

  • You need Wheel Kirby for this. When you reach the one-star door with two spiked enemies on each side, turn into wheel form to get in, then turn it off immediately. you’ll be able to go into the door now.
  • In the door, turn into a wheel as you move over the switch to the right.
  • Keep going right and jump on the warp star. Immediately go wheel mode and move past the door to the left. You have to do this fast or the door will close so don’t waste time.

2nd Keychain Location (Rare)

Area after the second sun stone.

  • After going through the door, the ball-shooting vehicle returns. Go to the left and have the ball destroy the wooden box to get the rare keychain.

3rd Keychain Location

Shortly after the rare keychain.

  • Go right until you reach an underground tunnel with a wall in the middle above it.
  • There’s a box to the right of the wall, when you go up the other side, go left to open it.

3rd Sun Stone Location

Shortly after the third keychain.

  • Keep going right until you see a bomb block.
  • Destroy it to make the ball-shooting vehicle fall. If you don’t, it will destroy the rocks with the chest on it and you can’t get the last sun stone.
  • After the vehicle is gone, head right and take the warp star. Open the chest to the left for the sun stone.

That’s it for all the 2-1 keychain and sun stone locations. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. For any other guides on Kirby Triple Deluxe, visit my Guide Directory.

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