Want a new outfit for Lumisa? We show you were to find the secret La-Mulana 2 costume chests!

La-Mulana 2 Costume Locations Guide

Want a new outfit for Lumisa? We show you were to find the secret La-Mulana 2 costume chests!

Deadly spikes, moving platforms, and skeletons who just wont stay down until they been whipped into submission await in La-Mulana 2 for all you classic Metroidvania fans.

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If the American-flag wearing Lumisa Kosugi doesn’t quite fit your ideal look for a dungeon-delving archaeologist, thankfully you don’t have to stick with the standard Diana Jones style outfit for the entire game.

With a story centered around ancient pre-human civilizations and a wide range of cultures, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise there’s quite a few hidden outfits to find — from a kimono to a bad ass Valkyrie costume. Ready to change up Lumisa’s look? Let’s dive into where to find those secret outfits!

 American cowboy / ninja / archaeologist Lumisa can really rock any look she pleases!

La-Mulana 2 Costume Locations

Secondary costumes were an extra brought into the game thanks to the crowd funding backers and were a late addition to the development process. At the moment it appears they are solely cosmetic in nature and don’t give any particular bonuses or offer help with any puzzles, but there may be secrets involved with them that haven’t been discovered yet.

Note that the ice cloak actually counts as special equippable item, not as a costume, and it does have an in-game effect that reduces damage from hitting lava. Likewise, the gloves are an item that let you push blocks but aren’t tied any particular outfit.

Once you find a new costume, head into the item screen (F2 on the PC version) and scroll down to the “Garb” section at the lower-right to switch between outfits (in this alpha this was previously called the “Fashion” section).

Each costume is found in a locked chest, but instead of completing a puzzle like with normal chests you need to use the special keys found throughout the game.

Kickstarter backers at various funding levels start the game with several keys immediately, while the rest of us have to find them before chests can be opened. There aren’t any backer-exclusive costumes, so you don’t miss out on anything if you didn’t pre-order the game through Kickstarter.

Special thanks go out to the community of Steam and Reddit users who managed to track down these costume chests immediately after release!

Valkyrie Costume Chest

This chest is found in a room in the Immortal Battlefield area. On the map in the pause screen, head to the room that is one square below the Immortal Battlefield hot spring (the area that recovers health). 

In this room, leap across to the ledge on the right with the spikes, then walk right and up until you find the mural with the skulls. From there, head right again to find the locked chest, but move slowly as going all the way to the right will kill you at the cliff’s edge.

 La-Mulana 2 Valkyrie Costume

Eastern European Outfit Chest

For this outfit chest, head to the Ancient Chaos area and go to the section right after the corridor of blood. In the immediate next room following the corridor, break the crumbling stone found on the lower left side to reveal the locked chest.

Pink Kimono

This chest is right out in the open and doesn’t require breaking any walls or performing any fancy jumping maneuvers. Look for the chest in the same room as the character who explains how to reach the Underworld area.

More La-Mulana 2 Costumes

There are still plenty other outfits we haven’t discovered yet — let us know if you’ve come across any other La-Mulana 2 costumes and we’ll get them added to the list! 

Be sure to also drop a comment if you’ve found any special uses for the costumes. It seems like one of them would be perfect for lowering water poison damage or even changing NPC dialog.

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