Looking to solve one of Layers of Fear 2's first optional puzzles and unlock The Perfect Storm achievement or trophy? We've got your guide right here!

Layers of Fear 2: The Perfect Storm Achievement/Trophy Guide

Looking to solve one of Layers of Fear 2's first optional puzzles and unlock The Perfect Storm achievement or trophy? We've got your guide right here!
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As Layers of Fear 2 is a game made to confound and disorient players quite regularly throughout its five-hour story mode. There are multiple situations where you can wander into a room with an optional puzzle that will be forever left unsolved when you leave the room. The door slams shut, and you’ll never get in there again. At least for that playthrough.

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But don’t worry! We’re here to help. One of the first instances of such a puzzle is the telegraph in Act I, and it’s even seen again in Act V.

If you’re staring at the telegraph wondering what to do, fear not. You’re not missing much if you skip over it, but it’s an easy achievement/trophy and will teach you a bit of life-saving Morse code — and who knows when you may need that?

Where is the Telegraph?

As you’re exploring the ship early in the game’s first act, you’ll come across a room on your left in a well-lit hallway.

Inside will be a communications center including a working telegraph on the table. There’s also a print out on the desk which can be interacted with. This Morse code message left behind didn’t seem to help me much, as I fidgeted with the telegraph for a good five to six minutes trying to duplicate the code I read on the paper before I finally left not knowing what to do.

The door shut behind me and I assumed I had missed a bit of optional content. If the same happens to you, know two things: 

  1. You just missed an Easter egg
  2. You can redeem yourself in Act V!

If you leave the comms room having done nothing, look for the same room to reappear, albeit with some… cosmetic alterations… toward the end of the game.

For this Easter egg, you’ll only need to enter the correct morse code message in either instance, not both. 

What to enter at the Telegraph

Either in Act I or Act V, if you’re looking at the telegraph, you’ll need to enter the Morse code for S.O.S..

What’s that look like? Like this!

That’s dot-dot-dot for S, dash-dash-dash for O, and dot-dot-dot again.

If you’re new to Morse code, one dash equals about three dots. The game seems to be relatively forgiving with how you spell out the message and so long as it can identify you know what you’re doing, you should complete the Easter egg and unlock your achievement or trophy.

It’s a Bronze level trophy on PS4, while on Xbox One it’ll boost your Gamerscore by another 30 points. 

Fun Fact

If achievement and trophy hunting isn’t enough for you, consider this bonus riddle: what does S.O.S. stand for?

Many say it’s “save our ship” or “save our souls” — the latter would be rather fitting in Layers of Fear 2. In reality, though, it actually means… nothing. The acronym actually isn’t an acronym at all.

It just became the go-to distress signal often used at sea, likely because of the ease with which listeners can identify the message. Three dots, three dashes, three dots. It doesn’t get any easier without an actual telephone or instant messenger, and sadly that’s not going to be an option on your descent into madness in Bloober Team’s Layers of Fear 2

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