Having trouble figuring out a padlock code or getting through an insane vista of the mind? We show you how to peel back all the layers!

Layers Of Fear tips and tricks walkthrough

Having trouble figuring out a padlock code or getting through an insane vista of the mind? We show you how to peel back all the layers!
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An atmospheric, narrative-driven fright fest, Layers Of Fear is a bit like going through rooms of a funhouse and finding out what delightfully terrifying thing lurks around the next corner (check out our full review here).

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For the most part, the game is incredibly straightforward and there aren’t many parts where you’ll get stuck. That actually gives Layers Of Fear a leg up over the current horror competition, which tends to have frustrating segments where its unclear how to unlock the next area or where to go when being chased by a monster.

Despite how straightforward exploring the mansion can be, there are a few extras you may have missed or codes you can’t figure out on the first go-around. That’s where we come in! If you want the full experience and to delve more completely into the mind of the mad painter, here are the Layers Of Fear tips and strategies you need to know.

We’ll help you with the first one and every one after that!

Opening The Paint Covered Door

Can’t figure out how to get through that first main locked door with the note on it? The key is upstairs in the den, sitting on the desk next to the terrifying Little Red Riding Hood drawings that were rejected by the publisher.

A key and some super child-friendly images!

Unlocking The Chest Padlock

Not long after entering the room with your covered-up masterpiece for the first time, you’ll come across a foyer with two bronze busts across from a padlocked chest. Light the standing candlesticks to reveal numbers on the three paintings on the wall above. Turn around and use that code to unlock the padlock.

The code can change on different playthroughs, but for me it was 485 (entered from left to right on the padlock) – simply enter whatever code you see scrawled on the paintings in red paint.

An effective way to remember your password?

Record Player Of Doom

After placing the record on the player in the bedroom, the entire room will go murky and covered in black goo, covering up your escape route through the doorway.

Crank the handle again, but then move the knobs on both the front and the back of the player while it’s still playing — until the sound changes, which will cause the murky black fluid to recede so you can leave the room.

Too bad music doesn’t really work this way!

Annoying Constant Phone Ringing

In one corridor of the mansion you’ll hear a phone ringing and a voice that can’t be quite made out, which turns into a never ending maze. Take a moment to listen to the tone of the ring – it’s clearly playing backwards – and pay attention to how the phone you saw on the ground rearranged itself and flew upwards rather than downwards.

After taking a few treks around the square infinite hallway loop, simply turn around and run back again a lap or two to discover the phone repaired and sitting on the desk. Keep going an you can exit the tunnel loop through a door.

Blocked Basement

In the basement area filled with random junk you have to play the piano, causing the top part to slam closed, and then tap any of the piano keys a second time.

This will make the piano play a song of its own accord and cause all the furniture and boxes to float into the area. While the song is playing, turn around and hobble through the now cleared pathway before the song ends.

Things are going to get weird when you play this piano...

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Wall Safe

When you walk out of the room that explodes behind you and causes wood shards to fill the hallway, turn around and go back inside the damaged room. A code will be found on a scrap of paper in the room in a randomized location – either on the table or on the floor near the fireplace and next to all the broken chairs.

The code is found on a scrap of paper

The location and number for the code will change on various playthroughs. It can can be 148, 365, 729, or potentially something else. Head over to the safe on the wall near the door (now revealed since everything fell of the walls) and enter the code by turning the knob right, left, and then right to the appropriate numbers.

Baby’s Room

To get through the room with the spinning light mobile, grab the turnkey inside the drawer to the left of the crib and then use it on the mobile. Buckle up, because you are in for a truly messed-up ride.

Spinning nightmare fuel!

Did You Forget Padlocked Box

For the padlocked box on the table with “Did You Forget” scrawled across it in black paint, enter the code 906 (corresponding to the date you found circled earlier on a yellow calendar with a note not to forget the date).

Because so many of these codes seem to change on multiple playthroughs, this may change as well – let us know if you had to use a different code or found a a different date circled!

Did you forget?

Cat / Dog / Rat Code

One puzzle that’s had quite a few people stumped features lines corresponding to numbers, but the numbers aren’t particularly helpful.

You have to spell out an answer with your numbered code, and that answer will change on different playthroughs, corresponding to an image – either cat, rat, or dog. The codes are as follows:

  • Cat: 341
  • Rat: 687
  • Dog: 259

These are all the codes we’ve found in our playthroughs so far – let us know if you’ve come across any other difficult puzzles or padlocks/safes you can’t find the combinations to unlock!

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