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Follow Shoduran on Games, Tips, and the Skinny on the Meta in League of Legends.

Follow Shoduran on Games, Tips, and the Skinny on the Meta in League of Legends.
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On League of Legends, I am known as Clotxizou and Indainity, and I am ranked Silver Division 2. This is the starting article to a series of articles I will be writing to cover not only my ventures into Ranked Solo Queue but the work involved into the teamwork necessary to excel in Ranked 5-vs-5 Queue. Why would a silver ranked summoner start an article series on becoming informed, practiced, and seasoned? Why would a silver ranked summoner also have a team and write articles on the struggles of this team?

We all want to succeed and be in the limelight that is professional gaming at one point in our gaming career. We all want that moment when we are known for our knowledge, skill, or sheer talent at a game and growing occupation that touches us, and I want to share with everyone my thoughts, revelations, pains, and joys in a game that many around the world have come to love.

So What is this All About?

From Monday to Friday, there is going to be an article highlighting either a sudden shift in the meta-game of the professional scene in League of Legends, an article with video detailing the plays and strategies in Ranked Solo and 5-vs-5 Queues, or minor trends players in all scenes, whether casual or highly ranked, have made or are noticing.

For highlighted matches, it will give visual snips or whole videos from the games themselves with commentary provided.

There will also be guides and builds examinations seen in-games.

What’s Important Right Now: Mechanics

Mechanics is inarguably what many players should concern themselves with in order to be better players. When someone talks about mechanics, it means the basic knowledge and reflex accustomed to the player. This includes not only information concerning buff and objective timers, timed pushing, and knowing how a champion’s kit (the set of abilities each chosen character has to use) works, but how familiar this knowledge is to the player and how well he or she may memorize and react to it.

There is no way to go about this process but time and patience. You can analyze guides and this helps, but analyzing and reading are not the same thing. When you analyze a guide, you take in the information and set it to routine and compare it with what experience comes to you in-game. You analyze what works for you and what works for every determined game.

It helps immensely to read guides or preview a champion in a custom-made game for cool-downs and the power scale this champion gains from levels and relative items to gain mechanical knowledge, and getting used to the cool-down of the abilities and their damage makes your flow — or the reflexive and cognitive ability with a champion — all the better.

In Closing

I hope to make many more articles detailing games and trends in the future, and I hope to see everyone again soon.

“A League of Legends with a unified player base could be the best online game in the world. And it would deserve to be.”

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