League of Legends: Soraka Top Lane Guide

A guide to breaking the meta with Soraka solo top guide in League of Legends.

A guide to breaking the meta with Soraka solo top guide in League of Legends.
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I’ve played a few League of Legends games as top Soraka lately. For a look at skills, take a look at my Soraka Spotlight article. Solo lane Soraka is about zoning your opponents and forcing them to CS under tower. You’re not looking for the kills, just the zone control. If you can get a kill, go for it, but don’t dive for it.


In a solo lane, your heal is not your top priority. Take Q, E, then W. From there max your E; you can drop in a second point on Q early for faster wave clear though.. If you’re getting bullied, level your heal (W) second–if you’re winning the lane level your Q for more harass.

Soraka is a hard lane pusher, using Q to weaken and kill minions. Make sure you keep your vision up as Soraka is very easy to gank. Communicate with your Jungler: if done right, coordinated tower dives will put your opponent even farther behind in lane.

Advanced Tips:

Collect the global assists to ramp up faster by using your ult while teammates are fighting. Lich Bane and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter are very helpful for added bullying and tower pushing. Make sure to use the Lich Bane procs, as they greatly increase the damage Soraka can output.

In teamfights, Soraka’s main goal is to use her Q to decrease enemy magic resist for your team to blow them up. Heal allies as needed, and use your E to harass and restore mana. Pop your ult to turn the tide of the fight if it’s going badly.

With the changes to Doran’s Shield, we’ll likely see a lot more meta-breaking champions in the top lane outside LCS. Let me know below what champion guides you’d like to see in the future and I’ll get right on it. Also, be sure to check out my other League of Legends content for more guides and spotlights.

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