League Of Legends: Where To Go To Improve

A go to guide on finding the highest quality information to improve your League of Legends skills.

In a never ending quest to improve my own skills in League of Legends, I've amassed several reliable sources that I have found useful. In this slideshow I'll cover the places I've found most helpful. If you're looking to better your skills, these next few slides may help you on your way.

The sources in this slideshow include:

  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Independent sites
Recommended Videos

The first source I'd like to cover, is YouTube. There are many talented players who post their guides and advice on YouTube. I found three channels I visit regularly, one which was recommended to me recently.

The three channels I find most useful are: Phylol, foxdropLoL, and unswlolsoc. Most if not all three of these are common linked around other sources as good places to find information. FoxdropLoL's channel mostly centers around Jungle game mechanics, where as the majority of the other two center on bottom lane. A lot of the information given in the videos is relevant in other lanes though. Don't discount a video just because the player isn't playing the lane or role you play

If you've visited Reddit before, you know to take what you read with a grain of salt. That being said there are good League of Legends subreddits available. Just remember, don't go to Reddit complaining about solo queue or players, other Redditors will eat you alive.

The first subreddit is one I've covered previously, r/summonerschool. One of the moderators of this reddit run a weekly workshop for Bronze and Silver players. However, there are also other resources within this subreddit, like the weekly "Ask a Diamond _____," and the mentor threads. If that's not enough, you can also post threads asking more specific questions.

Of course, there is the general purpose r/leagueoflegends subreddit, anything and everything that involves League of Legends finds its way here. Be wary of what you take away from threads in this section, not all are helpful. This is a good place to find out the latest PBE chnages and patch details though.

The last source I want to talk about is the individual guide websites out there. There are a plethora of these websites, some good and some not so good. There are two main websites that I've found reasonable; LoLClass.com and LoLPro.com. Both of these sites contain guides from pro players.

The big difference in these two sites is guide style and availability. LoLClass requires you to register as a member, and you still have limited access to the guides unless you upgrade your account. The guides are hour-long classes with the player that you sign up for. If you miss the actual live streamed class you were enrolled in you can watch a replay of it once it's uploaded on the site. I've attended a few classes so far, and I've learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

LoLPro, on the other hand, has very simplistic guides. These guides don't go into specific scenarios from what I've seen so far, though that could vary from guide to guide. I haven't found any guides locked behind pay walls yet on LoLPro, but I'm still new to the site.

These sites are references to what the League of Legends pros themselves use, so they are very useful if utilized correctly.

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