Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Items Guide

This is a compilation guide to items found in A Link Between Worlds.

This is a compilation guide to items found in A Link Between Worlds.

This guide will list all the items that you find in the world, those rented by Ravio, what they do, and how to get them. If you are looking for items in a specific dungeon, go to my Guide to All Guides and click on the respective dungeon. That will also lead you to all the other guides that I have written or will write, so check that often.

World Items

  • Power Glove – Miner’s House, east of Lost Woods or northeast of Death Mountain. It lets you pick up small rocks.
  • Zora’s Flippers Zora’s domain, waterfall in northeastern corner of World Map.
    • Head to Witch’s House, northwest of Eastern Palace.
    • Wall merge on the eastern wall, cross over the water to the other side.
    • Follow the path around, past the stairs, and up the slope to the next area.
    • Follow the path, go down the ladder.
    • Head north to a water fall, watch the Shady Guy run out, then enter the cave.
    • [Cut Scene] After watching the events, talk to the Zora Underlings to reveal that you need to bring the Smooth Gem to the Zora Queen.

    • Head back to Kakariko Village, then buy the Smooth Gem from the merchant west of the weather vane.
    • Go back to Zora’s Domain, then throw the Smooth Gem into the Queen’s pool.
    • Once she returns to normal, she will give you Zora’s Flippers. They will allow you to swim.
  • Pegasus Boots – Thief in Kakariko Village after going to Zora’s Domain. Wall merge from the east, directly behind him. He will get startled, then hand over the boots. They allow you to dash by using the “L” button.

  • Empty Bottles
    • Buy one from the merchant west of the Weather Vane in Kakariko Village.
    • After getting the Letter in a Bottle, Go to the the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village. The barman will give you Premium milk to deliver to the guy lost in Death Mountain, who will give you the Empty Bottle after drinking the Premium Milk.
    • Chest in Vacant house in Lorule. Use Bomb on the back of the house to get inside.
    • Under the bridge northwest of House of Gales. Talk to the guy there to get it.
    • Great Rupee Fairy in Lorule. Bring the bomb flower to the cave northwest of the bomb flower spawn and blow it up. Give 3000 rupees to the fairy inside for the bottle.
  • Hint Glasses – Fortune Teller north of Kakariko Village. When wearing these glasses, a hint ghost will be seen if there is nearby treasure. Talk to the ghost to get a hint on how to get the treasure.
  • Irene’s Bell – Encounter Irene the Witch twice, then she gives you the bell. The bell lets you travel instantly to any Weather Vane you have used. She can be encountered one screen west of Hyrule Castle, then north of that after completing Eastern Palace.
  • Pouch – Forest directly west of home. Go to the stump i the middle. It allows you to assign an item to X as well as Y.
  • Net – Bee house in the middle of Kakariko Village. You can use this to catch bees, fairies, hearts, and apples and put them in Empty Bottles. You can sell the bees for rupees afterwards. Fairies will restore 5 hearts and also revive you.
  • Letter in a Bottle – East of House of Gales. Swim in the water to reach it.
  • Master Sword – Lost Woods. Enter from northwest of Kakariko Village.
    • Head north until you reach a ring of ghosts.

    • Watch the ghost that says to follow him as they constantly switch places.
    • Follow him through whichever tree trunk he goes through.
    • Keep going until you see the ghosts again.
    • This time you have to focus on the two ghosts that are trying to mislead you. Go through the trunk that they Do Not enter.
    • Follow the path until you see the ghosts again.
    • Same thing as last time, but you have to focus on three misleading ghosts instead of two.
    • Go through the trunk that they do not enter and follow the path until you reach the Master Sword.

  • Foul Fruit – Various shops around the world. Knocks out all the enemies in your vicinity.
  • Scoot Fruit – Various shops around the world. Lets you escape dungeons.
  • Milk – Milk Bar in Kakariko Village. Buy it if you have an Empty Bottle. Restores five hearts.
  • Red Potion – Witch’s House. Buy it for 50 rupees when you have an Empty Bottle. Restores eight hearts.
  • Yellow Potion – Witch’s House. Trade 10 Monster Horns and 100 rupees in exchange for it, if you have an Empty Bottle. Makes you invulnerable for a short time.
  •  Blue Potion – Witch’s House. Trade 10 Monster Tails and 200 Rupees in exchange for it, if you have an Empty Bottle. Restores all your hearts.
  • Purple Potion – Witch’s House. Trade 10 Monster Guts and 60 rupees in exchange for it, if you have an Empty Bottle. Unleashes a great attack on surrounding enemies.

Ravio’s Rented Items

  • Bow – Shoot enemies or hit switches with arrows.
  • Boomerang – Returns to you when you throw it. Hit switches, stun enemies, and retrieve items out of your reach.
  • HammerKnock down things in your path, stuns and defeats enemies as well.
  • Hookshot – Hooks to anything made of wood. Lets you travel across gaps.
  • Bombs – Blow open blocked entrances or attack enemies.
  • Tornado Rod Fly up and hover in the air. Also, blows out fire and stuns enemies.
  • Ice Rod – Freezes things in the square that appears when you use it.
  • Fire Rod – Attack enemies with a burst of flame.

Once you get the Master Sword, you can buy the items to keep them permanently. The first item you purchase is half off, the rods cost 1200 rupees, and the rest costs 800 rupees each.

Upgraded Items

Some items can be upgraded by doing certain things. Most are upgraded by turning in 10 lost maiamai, but not all. Refer to my Lost Maiamai Guide for the locations.

Ravio’s Shop Items

All these items can be upgraded by turning in 10 maiamai for each. Only items you buy can be upgraded. Rented items won’t be.

  • Nice Boomerang – Lets you shoot 3 in a row. It also increases speed and distance.
  • Nice Hookshot – Increases speed and damage.
  • Nice Bow – Lets you shoot 3 arrows at once.
  • Nice Hammer – Increases damage and range.
  • Nice Bomb – Makes a bigger bomb that does more damage and has wider range.
  • Nice Fire Rod – Upgrades the fire to last longer and bigger flame.
  • Nice Ice Rod – Upgrades to using 4 ice shards at once.
  • Nice Tornado Rod – Increases area of wind.
  • Nice Sand Rod – Makes the sand pillars last longer.
Master Sword Upgrades
  • Master Sword Upgrade 1 – Bring 2 Master Ore to the Blacksmith in Hyrule.

  • Master Sword Upgrade 2 – Bring 2 Master Ore to the Blacksmith in Lorule. Talk to him outside the shop, then go down the stairs. He will stop you, then tell you to follow him inside.
Master Ore Locations
  • Thieves’ Hideout. B3 Floor.
    • Have the Thief girl step on one of the switches in the southwest corner of the room. Step on the other to open a path to the north that has the master ore.
  • Skull Woods. B1 Floor.
    • Wall merge north of the second eye to the chest with the master ore.
  • Dark Palace. 2nd Floor.
    • Set a bomb at the southern switch.
    • Quickly head to the north platform, hit the switch, then wall merge on the north symbol before the bomb explodes.
    • The wall will spin you inside to the chest with the master ore.
  • Lorule Graveyard.
    • Pick up the big rock in the northeast corner of graveyard, then go under. You need the Titan’s Mitt to do this.
    • Equip the lamp to see better, then step on the switch to the northwest. Go through the door
    • Head west, then north up some stairs.
    • Head east along the platform, grab the chest, then wall merge to the east to grab the key.
    • Head back west to the stairs and unlock the door.
    • Defeat the enemies in the next room, then move on.
    • In the room after that, pull the lever on the right to open the door north, then go through.
    • Wall merge to the south to grab the chest with the master ore.
World Items
  • Titan’s Mitt – Upgrade of the Power Glove. It lets you pick up big rocks. Found in Desert Palace. Sand rod needed.
  • Super Net – Greatly increases damage. Complete Advanced twice in Treacherous Tower.
  • Super Lamp – Greatly increases damage. Complete Advanced once in Treacherous Tower.
  • Blue Mail – Upgrade of Green tunic. Reduces damage Found in Swamp Palace.
  • Red Mail – Upgrade of blue Mail. Reduces more damage. Found in Lorule Castle dungeon.
  • Hylian Shield – Blocks magic attacks. Found in Turtle Rock dungeon. Ice rod needed.

As far as I know this guide is now complete. If you have questions or have an item that is not listed here, let me know in the comments.

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