Here are the three best decks for the current meta of Legends of Runeterra open beta: aggro, midrange, and control.

Legends of Runeterra Best Decks: Aggro, Midrange, and Control

Here are the three best decks for the current meta of Legends of Runeterra open beta: aggro, midrange, and control.
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Legends of Runeterra, a new free-to-play card game from Riot Gamesbased on League of Legends characters, has entered open beta. Naturally, players are already wanting to know which decks are the best decks. 

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Each Runeterra deck consists of three card types: champions, units, and spells. Champions are very powerful unit cards that can level up. Units are minions with or without abilities. And spells are helpful magical tools that can be cast during various stages of the match-up.

Below you will find three of the best decks dominating the current Legends of Runeterra meta. These fit into three classical deck archetypes: aggro, midrange, and control.

Best Aggro Deck: Lucian and Hecarim

Units Spells
3x Lucian 3x Soul Shepherd 3x Fading Memories
3x Hecarim 2x Silverwing Vanguard 1x Radiant Strike
 – 2x Ravenous Butcher 3x Haunted Relic
 – 3x Cursed Keeper 3x Remembrance
 – 2x Fleetfeather Tracker 1x Vile Feast
 – 3x Shark Chariot 2x Back to Back
 – 3x Vanguard Redeemer 3x Glimpse Beyond



This aggro deck has a progressive plan that you can use to win games almost automatically.


Usually, you want to start with Shark Chariot and cast a copy of Fading Memories on it. This will force Shark Chariot to return and attack for another 3 damage.

Then, you can play Soul Shepherd with Haunted Relic and attack with three 2/2 spirits. This combo is especially strong early in the game, when there are not that many blockers.


Lucian should be your first champion. When you have at least eight other allies dead, play Hecarim and level it up. When you’re out of cards, use Glimpse Beyond and Vanguard Redeemer for draw.

Best Midrange Deck: Elise’s Spiderlings

Units Spells
3x Elise 2x Ravenous Butcher 3x Crawling Sensation
 – 3x Hapless Aristocrat 3x Black Spear
 – 2x Dawnspeakers 3x Glimpse Beyond
 – 3x Chronicler of Ruin  3x Vile Feast
 – 1x Frenzied Skitterer  –
 – 3x Back to Back  –
 – 3x Fleetfeather Tracker  –
 – 3x Cursed Keeper  –
 – 3x Vanguard Redeemer  –
 – 2x Rhasa the Sunderer  –


Deck code:


The centerpiece of this deck is its champion: the fearsome Elise. Level her quickly, play Hapless Aristocrat and Crawling Sensation. Both are very cheap and summon the required number of spiderlings.


Then play Elise alongside Frenzied Skitterer. It not only buffs your spiderlings, but it also reduces the attack power of the blocking units. Use Black Spear and Rhasa the Sunderer to remove unwanted blockers. 

When the path is clear, you can attack the opponent with all your spiderlings for one victorious blow.


Best Control Deck: Frostbite Drain

Units Spells
3x Hapless Aristocrat 2x Black Spear
 – 3x Babbling Bjerg 3x Vile Feast
 – 1x Commander Ledros 2x Harsh Winds
 – 2x Warden’s Prey 3x Glimpse Beyond
 – 2x Scribe of Sorrows 2x Grasp of the Undying
 – 3x Rhasa the Sunderer 2x The Ruination
 – 3x Avarosan Sentry 3x Avalanche
 – 3x Icevale Archer 1x Withering Wail
 –   2x Vengeance


Deck code:


This control deck doesn’t rely on any champions, because it doesn’t need to. It has a solid number of removal spells, such as Avalanche, Vengeance, and The Ruination. It comes with several useful smaller units to play early in the game, and a few big ones that can really impact the outcome of the match-up.


For example, Commander Ledros removes half of the life points from the enemy Nexus, which allows you to kill your opponent much faster. At the same time, you can heal your own Nexus with the help of Drain spells, such as Grasp of the Undying and Withering Wail.


Altogether these cards make up one of the most devastating decks in the current Legends of Runeterra meta. So keep an eye out on it, if you can afford it.

These were the best decks in the Legends of Runeterra open beta. As the game evolves, we will look at other deck combinations. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on T as it becomes available. 

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