LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough

Video playthroughs for all 15 chapters in LEGO City: Undercover.

Video playthroughs for all 15 chapters in LEGO City: Undercover.

Recently, I’ve spent most of my gaming time playing LEGO City Undercover with my son. As far as games for kids go, this is definitely one of the best. The production values are high, the city has a ton of character, the story is engaging, and the characters and dialogue are both well-developed and hilarious. In short, you will be hard pressed to get more value from a game targeted at kids.

With that said, my son is 6 (pretty much the target market) and there are some parts of the game that are difficult for him to figure out on his own. Since I can’t always be right with him when he gets stuck, I put together a list of chapter playthroughs that he can access from our iPad whenever he can’t figure out what to do.

I realized that this list might be useful to other people as well, so I’m also publishing it here. Big thanks to packattack04082 on YouTube for recording these playthroughts.

LEGO City Undercover Playthroughs

Chapter 1: New Faces and Old Enemies

Chapter 2: Blast From the Past

Chapter 3: Go Directly to Jail

Chapter 3 Part 2: Miner Altercation

Chapter 4: When the Going Gets Tough…

Chapter 5: Undercover

Chapter 6: All in the Family

Chapter 7: One Small Job for Chan

Chapter 8: The Rescue

Chapter 9: Bringing Home the Bacon

Chapter 10: Back on the Case

Chapter 11: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting

Chapter 12: The Con in Construction

Chapter 13: Secrets

Chapter 14: Savings and Loans

Chapter 15: Far above the Call of Duty

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