LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: Eson the Searcher Boss Guide

Eson the Searcher can be a doozy of a boss fight in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. But with the tips and tricks in this guide, you'll finish him off in no time.

Eson the Searcher can be a doozy of a boss fight in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. But with the tips and tricks in this guide, you'll finish him off in no time.

The Guardians in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 have some pretty lofty goals — blow stuff up, save the galaxy … profit — but their attempts at regular good ol’ heroing on Xandar have managed to catch the attention of big evil boss Kang.

And he isn’t very impressed, honestly. Ants beneath his feet, and all. 

But the Guardians have been enough of a nuisance so that he’s more than happy to sic a Celestial on them. 

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And while Drax may be of the opinion that the robot waving his enormous death hand at them is a friendly giant and misunderstood creature, the fact that Eson is out to kill you means he should probably die first. 

You’ve got a handful of characters running around the platform to punch the annoying little side minions, but you’re primarily going to need Drax and Star Lord for this guy.

How to Beat Eson the Searcher in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

While you have a little time to explore though, you’ll find a panel off to the left side on the ground that Drax can smash open!

Eson gets off to a pretty fist-smashy good start, but it’s the laser beam that your heroes really have a problem with. To kill it, you’re going to need Star Lord’s gravity mine — and a booster — to do it. 

A little Kang time travel technology (*coff* plot device *coff*) means that things get a little trippy throughout this boss fight — and mostly in your favor. 

There’s a crashed plane nearby that could have the parts that you need — and Eson handily smashes into pieces for you. Use these pieces whip together a gravity mine booster that sucks Eson’s hand down onto it. 

This gives you a reprieve, but it doesn’t last long. Another burst of timey-wimey plot device turns back time around a smashed up ship and puts it back together again.

No time to look a gift horse in the mouth. Climb on aboard with Star Lord and start firing on Eson’s hand to shut down that laser beam for good. 

When the damaged hand falls palm up, it exposes a pathway up to the giant robot’s weak spot. Maneuver one of your characters (it’s probably easiest with Star Lord) to the damaged laser on Eson’s hand which has transformed into a pressure switch.

Stepping on it will peel away the top layer on Eson’s arm exposing a jump pad. Climb on up with Drax and use it to action-movie slow-mo leap into the air and catch hold of a hanging rope from your nearby resurrected ship (which I think is being piloted by Gamora).

Swing over to Eson’s shoulder and the round glowy ball on it (it might take a try or two to get your swing right). Just underneath the ball is a weakened wall that Drax can smash through and activate a switch, draining the globe, and all power from Eson’s head. 

It’ll take just a few more things to finish him off… but first, some good old-fashioned bullets to the glowing ball in his chest. (You can ostensibly use your other characters to fling stuff at that glowy ball too, but with considerably more effort.) Just point Star Lord in that direction and unload on him. 

Eson will oblige by unveiling the coup de grace on himself – another gravity mine directly inside the cavity of his chest. Just what you need to cause this Celestial’s energy core to pretty much implode. (Don’t get sucked in!) 

With it gone, Eson fades away through time and space. You got him!

And while this is far from the end for Kang… he has bigger fish to fry than linger around the smoldering ruins of Xandar crushing ants. The giant sword ship of doom in the sky fades away – beelining to Earth with the Guardians hot on his tail.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that: 

And that’s it for Chapter 1 of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. If you’re looking for other tips, tricks, and strategies, make sure to check out our other LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 guides

(Note: For transparency, this early preview game key was provided by WB.)

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