Need help tracking down the Gold Bricks in LEGO Marvel's Avengers? We've got you covered!

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Gold Brick Guide (Part 2)

Need help tracking down the Gold Bricks in LEGO Marvel's Avengers? We've got you covered!

Still looking for all those Gold Bricks in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers? Never fear! We’ve got a comprehensive list of locations and instructions so you can pick up every last one of those shiny bad boys. This part covers the Gold Bricks in Manhattan (there are a bunch!)

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Financial District

  • On Liberty Island, near one of the races, use the Shield Deflect pad to guide the lasers into the nodes to open the door. Do this again in the basement (the switch will reveal the nodes) to open the container.
  • Also on Liberty Island, you can Dig through the tunnel spot near the container to reach a blocked area with a switch inside. The switch will open the container.
  • Hit the blue LEGO bricks between two shipping containers with sonic damage.
  • There is a Speed Boost Pad on a pedestrian bridge over the road near the district entrance. Hit it to start a timer and race to touch two pressure pads. The run ends near another Speed Boost pad which needs to be used to hit two more pressure pads.
  • There is a large manhole cover near where you find She-Hulk. Use a Telekinetic character to lift it.
  • Near the Vehicle Call-in Pad are some stairs — go down them and Mind Control the guy behind the laser fence. Use the platforms to get to the pressure pads and shut off the lasers. Then interact with the Black LEGO to get the Gold Brick.
  • There is a S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal under the awning of a building on a pier in the southeast. Use the terminal twice, the second time with a HYDRA agent, to open the doors.
  • Fly to the roof of the skyscraper near Cloud 9. Crack the blue LEGO bricks to make a switch accessible, then pull it. Add arrows to the wall sockets to complete the circuit.
  • Blow up the silver LEGO statue near the main road in. Use the bricks that are left over to build a switch and turn off the lasers over the Grate. Go through the gate, then fly up to get a Gold Brick.
  • On the roof of the Kronos Corporation building, destroy vents until you uncover a Dig spot. Dig up the switch that drops a side of the cage in the center. Cut the pattern with a laser through the gold LEGO wall to reach the brick.
  • Where the security cameras are sweeping the street on the west side, pull a switch to open the door. Break the objects inside and build a Shield Switch to open the cage.
  • Scan the corner of the Pym Technologies building, then use the switches to remove the walls.
  • Attack the dumpster behind a building on the west side to reveal a Dig spot. Go through the tunnel to get beneath the cage above.
  • Near the top of the zone you will find fires burning in front a red button. Extinguish them and then press the red button to open a nearby container.
  • At the end of one of the docks is a round cover. Break through it.
  • Blast through the large silver LEGO manhole cover at the base of the Statue of Liberty to get the last brick in this zone.
Times Square

  • Pull the switch near the three pressure pads that are close to the Quinjet race and step on them in the order that the lights appear. Do this three times to find a Gold Brick.
  • On the long concrete pier, hit the ten targets while they’re uncovered.
  • Behind the Roxxon Power Station there is a gold wall. Cut through it, then extinguish the fire.
  • South of Times Square, scan the roof of the building to reveal a Red Grapple Hook, which activates a Tech Panel. Match the light pattern on the screen to open the container.
  • East of that building, melt the gold LEGO chest on top of the Grate cover. Use the pressure pad to drop the lasers around the container. Blast the gold LEGO lock to open it.
  • West from the S.H.I.E.L.D. car race is a storefront with a large plant blocking the door. Use a Telekinetic character to move the plant and the rocks behind it. Build the chest.
  • North of the storefront, step on the eight pressure pads (one per floor) directly under the locked container.
  • South of Dr. Strange, break through the two cracked walls. Build a switch in one to open the container in the other.
  • East of Speed, get to the top of the grip walls, then stealth past the security terminals, shoot the targets, and activate the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal.
  • On the roof where Dr. Strange is, pull the levers to open a path to the switch that is behind the bars. Mind Control the guy behind the bars to pull the lever and open the way to the Gold Brick.
  • On the west side of Times Square, hit the Shield Switch on the back wall of a shop.
  • Near the top of the zone, spin around the 10 Twirl Poles that drop down when used.
  • Find the three billboards in the center of the zone, then charge three Electrical Panels to light them up. They’re on different floors of the same building.
  • On the pier near where you meet Taskmaster, attack the large manhole cover.
  • In the center of the zone is a large silver LEGO manhole cover in the middle of a series of hexagonal concrete tiles. 
China Town

  • In an alley south of Iron Fist, use the Green Strength Handles to open the door. Charge the Electricity Panel and repair the generator.
  • West of Iron Fist, get on the roof and alternate between attacking the silver LEGO objects and gold LEGO objects until you get a Gold Brick.
  • On the west side of the zone, find a Grate on the street to get inside a building. Pull the switch to lower the bars, then laser-cut through the gold wall to get the brick.
  • In the southeastern part of the zone is a fire escape. Get to the top, then use Telekinetic Power and a Shield Switch to reach a S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal, then get to the Gold Brick.
  • Scan the sidewalk in front of a sporting goods store, then build a Speed Boost Pad. Use the pad to hit a pressure pad and open the container.
  • On a roof in the eastern side of the zone are pools of burning oil. Extinguish them and use the pressure pad to open the container.
  • South of the Quinjet race, are a series of S.H.I.E.L.D. access terminals. They shut off the lasers but turn on the security cameras. Using stealth and Twirl Poles, reach the switch that opens the container.
  • South of Squirrel Girl is a series of Electricity Panels. Hit the top one from the first row, the middle panel from the second row, and the bottom panel from the last row.
  • Near the very south of the zone is a storefront with a blue LEGO tube — take it out, then use the bricks to build a Red Grapple Handle. This shuts off power to the lasers. Destroy the blue LEGO safe inside to get a Gold Brick.
  • On the pedestrian bridge above the eastern road, dig up the buried chest.
  • On a roof near the southern edge of the zone, destroy the gold LEGO cover.
  • Inside the restaurant next to a deli, use the black LEGO object to build a lever to open the container.
Residential District

  • On the eastern edge of the district is a Grate that leads into a storefront. Assemble the Avengers logo with the Technology Panel to remove the bars.
  • West of the Quinjet race is a button that reveals a Dig spot near a container. Dig through the wall and press a second button to open the container.
  • In the northeastern part of the zone, near the Avenging Cycle race, scan under the bridge near a ladder. Use the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal twice, the second time as a HYDRA agent.
  • South of Jewel are some security cameras — use switches and Twirl Poles to climb to the Gold Brick at the top of the area.
  • West of Jewel there are some Green Strength Grips that remove the covers from three Electricity Panels. Charge them to get to the Gold Brick.
  • At a loading dock off the main road, use Telekinetic Power twice to assemble a container with a Gold Brick inside.
  • Look for a Dig spot in a tunnel off the main road. Once behind the bars, Dig in the piles until you unearth the Gold Brick.
  • Near the top of the zone, cut through the gold LEGO walls and use the button to power down the laser bars.
  • Look for the fires on the roof around a vendor cart. Extinguish them, then repair the generator to open the container.
  • Find the fifteen targets on the roof. Hit them all to open the container — you have 40 seconds.
  • On a big roof west of the helicarrier, crack the blue LEGO floor with a sonic attack.
  • Just north of Hellcat, pull the switch in front of the window. Set up the Shield Deflect Pad, then take out the gold LEGO target over the laser. Do this again inside the building.
  • In the southwest corner of the zone, destroy both blue LEGO objects and build switches from the remaining bricks. The Gold Brick is inside the silver LEGO chest.
  • Blow up the large silver LEGO manhole cover in the middle of the green space in the south western part of the zone.
  • Just south of there, use the Dig spot to get inside the building. Pull the switch, dig back outside, and break the cracked LEGO wall.
Central Park

  • Dig in the spots near a container in the north-western part of the park until you unearth a switch.
  • Win a game of chess using Telekinetic Power.
  • Land on all of the backs of the floating turtles in 35 seconds.
  • Destroy all of the small sandcastles and add their pieces to the large sand castle in the middle.
  • Near the fountain on the east side, slip through the Grate. Pick the bottom-right red spot on the Technology Panel to fill the bottle. Use the second and third switch to open the chest.
  • Hit all five targets on the stone wall around the picnic area.
  • Attack the bank of payphones in the middle and construct a Shield Switch from the bricks that are left behind.
  • Near the monument in the northwest, scan and then build an Electricity Panel. Charge it to open the container.
  • In the north-eastern part of the park, tunnel behind the bars from a Dig spot outside. The container inside is made from black LEGO bricks.
  • South of where you meet Ant-Man, repair the switches and use them to solve the puzzle, which is behind a tree and some bushes.
  • In the south-center part of the park, use the switch to remove an electrical field from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal. Activate the terminal, then the switch again.
  • On the floating raft, stealth under the security cameras. Hit the blue LEGO container with a sonic attack.
  • In the southwestern part of the park, break through the cracked brick on the ground to reveal the Gold Brick beneath.
Industrial District

  • On the docks, stealth under the security camera and pull the switch. Attack the dumpster and build a lever to get to the second switch.
  • There are eleven glowing objects at the construction site that you need to destroy. After you destroy one, you have 20 seconds to destroy the next.
  • On the northwestern dock, jump on all five pressure pads on the cargo containers within 20 seconds.
  • Near the Taco Truck race, pull the Red Grapple Handle. Fill the wall sockets with arrows, then use the Twirl Poles to complete a circuit and open the container.
  • Just south of the Jack of Hearts, break the cracked brick covering on the ground.
  • North of Blue Marvel, charge the Electricity Panel and observe the pattern on the pressure pads. Match the pattern to open the container.
  • In another subway access tunnel on the west side,charge the Electricity Panel. Inside the room at the bottom, repair the generator, then use the three controls to complete the circuits.
  • In the southern part of the zone, find a fenced-in area. Shoot the targets to raise the pedestals, then use the Twirl Pole to open the case with the Gold Brick.
  • North of the southwestern subway tunnel, charge an Electricity Panel to move the platforms into place. Fill a series of wall sockets with arrows, then use the Twirl poles to move to a final platform that has the container.
  • Mind control the security guard at the docks to pull the switch. Use the Grate inside the cargo containers and build another switch.
  • North of the Jack of Hearts, step on the blue buttons on the ground to raise the targets. Shoot 11 of them to open the container.
  • West of Lightspeed, use the Twirl Poles to position the next set of platforms. Avoid the pushers and use the final Twirl Pole.
  • Near the northern part of the zone, look for a staircase that leads down. Once inside, stand on the single pressure pad in front of your character. Step on the other six pressure pads in the order that the green lights flash.

  • At the very northwest area of the zone, charge four Electricity Panels on the building with the large amount of water on its roof.
  • Look for a security camera in the northeastern part of the zone, by the river. Stealth past it to reach a switch.
  • At the very east end of the zone, smash the crate and build a Technology Panel. Scan the area on the other side of the bars, then repair the second Technology Panel.
  • In an alley southwest of where you find Iron Man (MK40), hit a Shield Switch, then shoot the three targets that are revealed before the time expires.
  • South of the Lola race, near the grip walls, pull a switch to reveal wall sockets. Fill them with arrows, then twirl on each.
  • In the southwestern part of the zone, scan the wall under a line of connected wall sockets. Fill the wall sockets with arrows to complete the circuit around the corner. Press the red button when it’s revealed.
  • There are five silver LEGO statues of Loki in a corner plaza. A four-second timer begins after each statue is hit, so hit them quickly.
  • North of the Lola race, there are three green switches in an alley with a locked container. Pull each switch when the needle is in the green.
  • Where the subway track goes underground, swing between the Twirl Poles to get the container open.
  • Inside the parking garage, clear out the silver LEGO crates to reveal a Grate. Use the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal on the other side of the Grate to open the container.
  • Hit both Shield Switches over a shop’s windows. Mind Control the shop’s clerk to pull the switch inside the store.
  • Break through both cracked LEGO walls in the alleyway near the train platform.
  • Melt the large, gold LEGO manhole cover.
  • Use three Speed Boost Pads to hit the pressure pads around two different buildings before the time expires.
  • Stand at mid-court of the basketball court and use detective sense. Now use the Shield Deflect Pad to reflect the laser beam into the three nodes.
  • Target the large LEGO cover on the ground west of Iron Man (MK40)

  • In the clearing west of the S.H.I.E.L.D. truck race, jump to the Twirl Pole and pull it down. Pull the switch, then scan on the new platform. Hit the target to open the container.
  • On The Raft, Dig up the bricks you need to build a Technology Panel. Mind Control the technician inside to open the door.
  • Attack the five tents in the area near Grim Reaper. You must destroy a tent every nine seconds to continue
  • Repair the generator near Superior Iron Man, then scan the area to reveal a target. Hit the Shield Switch to open the container.
  • Tear down the cracked wall on the Raft and pull the switch to shut off the lasers around the Gold Brick.
  • Jump on the pressure pads floating in the shark-infested water. You must get all four within 16 seconds.
  • Destroy the dumpster on a roof on the east side and assemble a S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Terminal. Charge the Electricity Panel to open the chest.
  • Target the blue LEGO covering the Grate on the wall of the restaurant. Get inside the restaurant and blast open the gold LEGO chest.
  • Avoid the security cameras at the base of a column of lasers and grip the walls at the southern edge of the zone. Spin on the Twirl Pole at the top to complete a circuit and open the container on the roof.
  • Destroy the cracked LEGO panel near the dock, then scan the area. Use Telekinetic Power to assemble a chest.
  • Scan the gold LEGO Hulk statue to reveal a gold LEGO chest.
  • Clear the fallen tree from atop the locked chest north of Wiccan. Blast the silver LEGO object to unlock the chest.
  • Remove the black LEGO cover from the ground near Trauma.
  • Shatter the large blue LEGO manhole on the roof of the building on The Raft.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

  • Mind Control the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent near the red Vehicle Call-in Pad to pull the switch. Break the boxes and build a Technology Panel. Use the panel to drop lasers blocking the chest containing the Gold Brick.
  • Scan the area under the flight deck to reveal two swinging chains. Activate stealth and swing across the chains.
  • Charge the two Electricity Panels on the cage on the southeastern corner of the Helicarrier (one needs repairs first). The box inside the cage is made of black LEGO bricks.
  • Repair the generator on top of the control tower. Use the Shield Deflect Pad to guide the laser into the open node.
  • Attack the oil tank near the turbine and build a Speed Boost Pad from it. Use the pad to hit all the pressure pads.
  • Destroy 5 camera props around the Helicarrier control deck within the time limit.
  • In the Control Room, use the S.H.I.E.L.D. Acccess Terminal to activate a Technology Panel. Use the panel to open a nearby container.
  • In the Hangar, hang from the three Twirl Poles near the ceiling to open the container on the floor.
  • In the Medical Bay, melt the gold LEGO wall and run the gauntlet of hazards to reach the Twirl Pole at the end.
  • Use the Shield Deflect Pad to guide the laser to the two nodes to open the containers above them.
  • In the Detention Center, enter the Grate, which leads inside the cell. Scan to reveal the silver LEGO objects inside the cell and target them.
  • Blast open the crate with silver LEGO bricks in the Hangar.

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