LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Carbonite Block Guide

Trying to find all of the new carbonite blocks in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Check out our handy guide to get you started!

Trying to find all of the new carbonite blocks in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Check out our handy guide to get you started!

One of the things that makes the LEGO games so fun and compelling is the huge number of collectibles and easter eggs that reward thorough players, and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens adds a whole new category: carbonite blocks. These blocks are found in the various hubs in the game and unlock classic characters from earlier Star Wars movies. Here’s a quick rundown of where those blocks are:


Block 1 (Gray Squadron Pilot)

You’ll need a lightsaber and someone with cold resistance to get this one. Cut the glass door inside the cantina with a character that has a lightsaber then use your cold-resistant one to enter the freezer and find the carbonite block.

Block 2 (Admiral Ackbar (classic))

Bring an agile character or a jet pack and an aquatic character. Use your jet pack or agility to get on the fuel storage tank and look for the dive pool on top. Your carbonite block is inside.

Block 3 (Princess Leia (classic))

You’ll need an astromech droid and someone with force powers for this one. You can use your droid to interact with another astromech inside the command building and create a hologram. Use your force powers to pull the block out of the hologram.

Block 4 (A-Wing Pilot)

All that is required for this one is a grapple gun, though two characters are required. In the barracks, look for the locker next to the bed with two spots to grapple — use your guns to pull it down.

Block 5 (Rebel Fleet Trooper)

This one is in the shooting range. All you need to do is hit the target three times to get your block.

Block 6 (Zev Senesca)

Look for the silver containers in and around the shooting range and blow them up with someone who has explosives to find the carbonite block here.


Block 1 (Padme Amidala)

You need a way to smash gold LEGO bricks for this. Break the gold LEGOs near the quicksand pit to reveal grip handles that will help you reach a platform with the carbonite block.

Block 2 (Greedo)

To reach this block, bring a character with a grapple gun and one with force powers. Look for the scaffolding with a grapple handle attached — use it to get up, then switch to someone with force powers to retrieve the carbonite from a white case. 

Block 3 (Emperor Palpatine)

Bring an aquatic character to the dive pool in town and jump in to find the carbonite block.

Block 4 (Obi Wan Kenobi (classic))

Look for a scaffold near an ice cream dispenser that has two hanging bars — use an agile character to climb up. Once you’re up there, you can use a lightsaber to open the door, but you’ll need someone who is resistant to toxic to actually get the carbonite brick.

Block 5 (Jawa)

Look around town until you find the door with two grapple handles — use two characters to pull it open. Behind it is a door with gold LEGO bricks, and behind that there is toxic gas, so prepare accordingly.

Block 6 (Anakin Skywalker (podracer))

Way in the northern part of the map a room is hidden behind a breakable gate. Defeat 12 Unkar goons to reveal a golden wheel, then use the wheel on the door in the back to get the carbonite brick.

Block 7 (Bith)

Near the Millennium Falcon are a bunch of breakable block — smash them to create a buildable astromech access port, then activate it. Rebuild the blocks into a set of speakers and activate them again to get your block.

Block 8 (Boba Fett)

In the central building of Niima outpost is a container that you can scan with your fancy space binoculars. Break the containers in the area to build a hat dispenser, then come back and scan wearing a Stormtrooper helmet to receive your brick.

Block 9 (Tusken Raider)

Use force powers to remove some grime from the carbonite in the central building of Niima outpost. 

Block 10 (Luke Skywalker)

This block is in the large crashed ship outside of Niima outpost. Look for the rancor.


Block 1 (Qui Gon Jinn)

Look for the cracked brick wall and bring someone with smashing power to get to this carbonite brick.

Block 2 (Obi Wan Kenobi (Episode III))

Look for the dive pool near the lake and jump in to find the carbonite block.

Block 3 (Rebel Commando)

This block is hidden inside a container that is blocked by a First Order terminal. Use a character with First Order access to pop it open and get the brick inside.

Block 4 (Yoda)

Bringing Rey for this is probably the best idea — there’s a spinner switch in the ruins and a climbing wall at the top once you raise the platform. Your block is waiting for you on the walls.

Block 5 (Queen Amidala)

All you need to get this brick is a lightsaber. Look for the wall near where you start, next to GA-97, and cut through it with your saber.

Block 6 (Princess Leia (Ewok Village))

This is a pretty simple puzzle — not far from where you find block 5 is a switch that opens a door when you stand on it. All you need is for one character to stand on the brick while another goes through the door and gets the block.

Block 7 (Stormtrooper (classic))

There’s a downed troop transport at the edge of the ruins. It has two grapple handles on it, so grab two of your grappling characters and get to work. The carbonite brick is inside.

Block 8 (Teebo)

In a clearing outside the ruins is a sleeping Grummgar — pull the grapple above him to wake him up, then take him out (watch out, he’s tough!). Once he’s defeated, use someone with force powers to lift up the cushions of his couch and find your brick.

Millennium Falcon

Near the terminal for the Eravana are a bunch of breakable objects that you can rebuild into a game terminal that BB-8 can activate. Play the arcade game and avoid the space worm to get your brick.

Starkiller Base

Block 1 (Imperial Royal Guard)

Look for a cracked block near the TIE fighter landing pads. Break it down to find the carbonite in the hall.

Block 2 (Darth Maul)

Bring someone agile for this one. Jump between the handles to reach the top of the wall. Jump from the small platform to the twirl poles that end at an even smaller platform. The handles above this platform lead to another platform with white arrows. Ride the air current from the arrows around a corner to find your brick.

Block 3 (Count Dooku)

Find the grapple handle high on the building near the north entrance to Starkiller Base and use it to get on the roof with the turbolaster. Smash the blocks to build a control which you can attach to the turret, then blast the building across the courtyard to knock your carbonite down.

Block 4 (Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper)

Use someone with dark side powers to pull the covering away from a power junction on top of a door protected by an energy shield, then power down the shield with the jack.

Block 5 (Han Solo (Stormtrooper)

There’s more carbonite behind an energy shield — get a Kylo Ren helmet from the hat dispenser to be able to interact with the scanner.

Block 6 (Death Star Trooper)

Go to the ledge with the Destroy Starkiller Base replay terminal. Smash everything. Use the blocks to build a mini TIE fighter and mini X-Wing. Enjoy the battle, then pick up the carbonite.

Block 7 (TIE Interceptor Pilot)

Look for the rocky ledge with the block of ice encasing a carbonite brick. Climb onto the ledge then switch to someone who can melt the ice.

Block 8 (Scout Trooper)

From the ledge where you found brick seven, use a jetpack to get across the gap to the snowy area with gold LEGO objects. Smash them to find a steam vent, then use that ride to the carbonite.

Block 9 (Anakin Skywalker)

Find the X-Wing wreckage, then use someone with force powers to move it and uncover a dive pool. Hop inside to get your carbonite.

Block 10 (Snowtrooper (Classic)

Smash open the cracked LEGO block to enter the cave and to get to the carbonite inside.

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