Let it Die Beginner’s Guide

Are you doing a lot of dieing in Let it Die? Here's a handy beginner's guide!
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The newest free to play game for the PlayStation 4 is Let is Die. The title is brought to you by the mind of Suda 51

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After Suda 51’s development studio Grasshopper Manufacturer was acquired from Gungho Online in 2013, Let it Die became the first title developed via the new partnership. The game is the studio’s first non single player focused title.

In a nutshell, it’s a hack & slash title set in a  post apocalyptic backdrop. In the not so distant future, a tower has risen in South Tokyo. The tower has an unknown number of floors. What is known is that it’s not safe. It’s home to blood thirsty murderers & wackiness.

Take Your Time and Use Caution

You can get overwhelmed relatively easy in this game. Enemies will often attack you in groups. In case this sounds unfair so far, it doesn’t end there. They are not above attacking your blind spots and coordinating attacks together. This is quite apparent in cases where you fight a brawler and a sniper for example.

Now, things can appear rather dire when you fight groups. Instead of serving yourself a quick death things can become advantageous. Enemies can hurt each other with friendly fire. So if you take your time kiting foes they can maul, burn, shoot and etc to  each other as they scramble to you. You can also make fights easier as well with mushrooms that boost your offense. Use caution.

Don’t Run Just Walk

Nearly all attacks in the game can be dodged simply by walking backwards. Although you can roll to evade, it’s not as effective. So you can wait for your would-be-killers to attack and merely take a few steps to avoid imminent danger. The real beauty with this strategy is that no fight should be impossible.

This proves to be very beneficial as well against Haters. When one of your characters dies, they become haters. When you revisit the area where you previous character died, their body comes back to life and attacks. So let’s say you had some decent armor and so forth. This fight could be very… not fun to say the least.

You can ignore the level indicator and attack the enemy. Ok sure, you don’t want to throw all caution to the wind, just pay attention.  So you can even defeat a level 30 character at level 1.

Find A Weapon And Stay With It

The more you use a weapon your mastery levels up accordingly. The better your proficiency with a weapon the more damage it’ll deal. Things get better for players because weapon mastery is shared between your fighters. This helps you level up newly created fighters relatively quickly.  So if you’re fond of bats for example, you should whack away like it’s a home run derby.

Do You Need A Weapon Suggestion? Wield a hammer

It’s strongly suggested that if you need an early game weapon, you should take a crack at using hammers. They are fast, require low stamina use and deal high amounts of damage. What makes them useful is that unlockable “ten-ton smash”. It allows players to mow down foes up to floor 5 instantly. If you don’t find them fret not. You’ll find blueprints to create them in the early parts of the game. So they’ll be readily available and accessible. 

How Do Weapons Gain Exp Exactly?

The that you use delivers a death blow to a foe is what will gain the experience. So you could hack and slash away with goals in mind. Weapons can be equip on both hands. Therefore you can use a more damaging weapon on your left and end it with your right. This pays off against tougher foes where you can level up your mastery sooner. It’s just a matter of choice.

Don’t Get Attached To One Character.

So, a higher level character dies in a dangerous location. Well, things would get bad if you didn’t take the time to level up other characters. Why would this be bad? Well, you’ve invested a lot of time where you’ll find yourself with a setback. You’ll essentially lose out on time. This will also make you much more prone to invaders into your game world.

A more effective use of your time would be to have an assortment of fighters within the same level range. Having a large roster of available fighters ties into the next bullet point.

Everything is Disposable, Yes Everything

Everything, including your first character should be considered expendable. Armor deteriorates, weapons break, decals fall off and etc, etc. So you’re probably wondering why? Simply put the game will provide you better toys regularly.  You will find better fighters to add to your fault, you’ll find new weapons, armor, and etc. The whole point of the game is to advance onward for the better as you climb the tower.

Tokyo Death Metro Is Your Friend

The Tokyo Death Metro(TDM) is the game’s primary PvP feature. It becomes available early on after you defeat the first boss. This is your go to way to accumulate SP. Sp allows you to level up your base and gain Kill Coins. A good run is a guaranteed 2000 to 3000 number of coins. The tower itself is regulated to help you gain experience points. TDM is your source for other materials necessary to success.

Hold on to those Death Metals

Death metals should not be spent on continues. If you die(which will happen often), just accept it and move on. You’ll be able to go back and defeat your character anyway. You could also forgo that and let your character run wild online to defeat players. This will allow you to get more items from your character turned Hater, later on. Using coins for continues is ultimately pointless in the grand scheme of things. Those coins are better off to boost your storage. The more items you can hold the better.

Find A Song You Like

Within the Hate Arcade, where you can converse with Uncle Death, you can change what song that plays. At the jukebox you have the ability to change the song that plays for your hub. From a psychological standpoint it’s logically to play something you like for your enjoyment. The game features an impressive collection of 100 bands that have lead their skills to its audio. So it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find a jam that you won’t like — In fact, I’d worry if you didn’t find one.

Hopefully, this guide aids you in your quest for climbing the tower. This guide would not be possible if not for the hard work from the Reddit community.

Were there any tips we missed that helped you a lot? Did this guide help you out of a jam? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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