Some simple ways to get War Ensemble Green Metal and other Green Metals

Let It Die: How To Find War Ensemble Green Metal

Some simple ways to get War Ensemble Green Metal and other Green Metals

In the Free To Play Playstation exclusive game Let It Die there are a few hard to find crafting materials — one of these includes the various Green Metals in the game.

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Here’s some tips on how to get that metal so you can upgrade your gear and get back to climbing that tower!

Golden Chests

This is the most simple way to have a chance at some green metals. The only downside is that the chests are not guaranteed to give any green metals, and the chests aren’t even guaranteed to spawn. The War Ensemble Green Metal can be found on floors 11-20 in these golden chests.

Here’s a video example of what I’m talking about.

From JIN-DIE, the Boss of Floor 16

This boss has a chance to drop the metal. Unfortunately, it’s only an uncommon drop on it, so there’s no guarantee — depending on your luck you might be in for some boss farming. To help with that farming, here’s some tips on how to defeat it.

  • Use cover to break line of sight to avoid her many ranged attacks
  • Keep track of the laser targeting on you. The boss teleports and a safe spot can quickly become a danger zone
  • Stay away from the exploding heads
  • The Shack in the bottom left corner is a very safe area. Use it as cover from ranged attacks
  • Alternatively wait in cover for the boss to teleport near you and rush it with melee attacks. Don’t get greedy though!
The Silver Chest After Colonel Jackson: Floor 20

The Green Metal can also be found in the chest obtained after defeating the boss of floor 20. Luckily this boss is very similar to the boss of Floor 16. Follow many of the tips above and you should have no trouble. Just in case, here’s a video example of how to defeat him.

That’s all there is to it. These are the three main ways to get the Green Metal. The only other way is to get it from certain quests, like #92. But you aren’t guaranteed to get the right quest so it’s a less sure fire way of obtaining the Metal.

Hopefully this information will help you reach the top of the tower in Let It Die! Make Death proud, Senpai.

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