Everything you'll need to know about the newly released Heists for Grand Theft Auto V

Let’s Talk Business: Everything You’ll Need to Know About GTA V Heists

Everything you'll need to know about the newly released Heists for Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar, the superstars behind popular games such as Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption have just recently released their newest success: Heists for Grand Theft Auto 5. After many delays and trailers that only helped hype up the add-on, it was finally released. But what goes into these heists and why should anyone even bother to play it? Well, if you enjoy making money and getting a chill down your spine, then perhaps you should look into robbing some banks.

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Let’s start off simple, what is Grand Theft Auto? Well, glad you asked, GTA is an an open world game where you can steal cars, fight off the police, and make quite a big sum of money. With their newest installment, GTA V hitting the next gen (or current gen if you want to get technical) consoles and soon to be hitting PC, it was very clear that this game franchise was far from being left behind. 

Now comes the heists, the most recent downloadable content for the game which offers new game modes along with new vehicles and a very fun to use flare gun. First thing that’s needed in order to do the heists is a crew. Now, there are five heists in total and four of them will require a four man team. However, the very first one has a maximum of two players. This one is more of a tutorial of sorts to get you ready for the type of mayhem you will be experiencing. 

After you’ve gathered your team together, you’re going to need to put some money up front. This will cover the cost of some of the costumes and vehicles you’ll be using in the heist so be prepared. Now, since you’ll be putting in some of your own money you’re going to need to be sure that you’re in it for the long haul.

Teammates may come and go, but the money is forever….well, until you buy that fancy new suit you’ve been saving up for. Each heist is broken up into two parts; the setup, and the heist itself. The setup will be an assortment of missions that will give you and your crew the chance to get everything you’ll need for the heist to go as smoothly as possible. Assign your roles, and make sure everyone plays their part. The best thing about heists is that it will never be a dull day. Everyone has a job to do, so make sure you get it done. From killing lawyers, to stealing high grade military equipment, the possibilities are endless for what you’ll need. 

Now it’s time, time to get paid and time to make a choice. You are the leader, the one who’s pulled this team together and put forth your own hard-earned money into this. The final task is the heist itself, at this point you can assign who will do the heavy work and who will provide support. In some cases, you will all have to go in. After everyone has their jobs, its time to deal out the money. You decide whether to deal out an even share to all, or give more money to whomever pulled the most weight. 

So crack your knuckles, stock up on ammo, and bring all the body armor your pockets can handle. These heists will provide a new fresh challenge for players and give them the chance to try out new vehicles, including the Karuma which comes in standard and armored. The armored version of this car is fitted with bulletproof windows and tires and is set at a whopping $500K but it is oh so worth it.

Gather your friends and go head first into the new heists exclusively for GTAV. Hopefully this will help prepare you for the road ahead. Final advice is to take your time with each heist, plan out your every move and make room for error. Always expect the unexpected. 

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