how to level up fast in the first descendant
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How to Level Up Fast in First Descendant

There's no escaping the grind, there's only optimizing it. Here's how to level up fast in First Descendant efficiently.

Unlike other games, there unfortunately aren’t that many ways to efficiently level up fast in The First Descendant. There’s one solid way and multiple less efficient ways, so let’s discuss them.

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Best Way To Level Up Quickly in First Descendant

The Solid Way: Farm Resource Defense Missions

Starting out, you’ll be dropped off in Kingston. The Resource Defense Mission won’t be initially available to you until you clear the zone completely (discover all the fast travel points, do all the story missions & the mandatory missions). Once you do all that, you can begin farming the Resource Defense Mission.

The thing with resource defense missions is that they spawn progressively tougher waves of enemies who, in turn, offer gradually better loot and significantly more experience. You are advised to do these missions with a pre-comp team, as it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to farm these missions efficiently as a solo player.

This method has one downside: it’s incredibly tedious, as there isn’t much variation between the missions. There is, however, a less efficient but more entertaining method to level up fast in The First Descendant.

Progress Through The Story

Progressing through the story is the other way of leveling up in The First Descendant. Not only will it give you the priceless exp points you desire, but it’ll also give you an unforgettable experience, lots of unique guns & loot, and it’ll unlock new areas for you to explore.

This method ties in with the first method in that it also unlocks the resource defense missions for the more advanced areas. The premise of the missions themselves won’t change much, but at least the scenery will change, so it won’t feel as repetitive.

Acquire EXP Boosts

If you don’t mind parting with a few dollars, the game’s game pass frequently offers EXP boosts for its subscribers. These usually last 24 hours and offer a meager boost of only 30%, but they are really helpful if you’re planning on having a serious farming session.

Another benefit of getting the game pass is that you’ll get other useful boosters like Kuipur Gain boosters, material gain boosters & some exclusive cosmetics.

Those are the different ways of leveling up fast in The First Descendant! If the game is giving you trouble, make sure to check out our The First Descendant guides hub for the latest tips.

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