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Lies of P: Best Combat Style and Starting Weapon

Begin your journey the right way in Lies of P.

You can obtain several weapons in Lies of P. However, before you’re out there looting and slashing, we have to get back to the basics. Specifically, there’s a choice you need to make at the beginning of the campaign, one that sets your stats and starting weapon. Our guide discusses the best combat style in Lies of P.

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What is the Best Combat Style and Starting Weapon in Lies of P

The best combat style and starting weapon in Lies of P is Path of the Cricket: Balance. I find that it offers an ideal mix of power and speed, which is great when I was trying to get used to the game. In any case, I’ve detailed the available options, as well as the related stats and armaments.

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Path of the Cricket: Balance

  • Vitality: 9
  • Vigor: 7
  • Capacity: 8
  • Motivity: 9
  • Technique: 9
  • Advance: 7
  • HP: 283
  • Stamina: 109
  • Guard Regain: 55
  • Weight Limit: 64.2
  • Physical Attack: 110
  • Physical Defense: 78
  • Starting Weapon: Puppet Saber Blade

Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

  • Vitality: 8
  • Vigor: 12
  • Capacity: 7
  • Motivity: 5
  • Technique: 11
  • Advance: 6
  • HP: 262
  • Stamina: 134
  • Guard Regain: 50
  • Weight Limit: 61.2
  • Physical Attack: 89
  • Physical Defense: 74
  • Starting Weapon: Wintry Rapier’s Bundle

Path of the Sweeper: Strength

  • Vitality: 11
  • Vigor: 5
  • Capacity: 11
  • Motivity: 11
  • Technique: 5
  • Advance: 6
  • HP: 323
  • Stamina: 96
  • Guard Regain: 65
  • Weight Limit: 73.3
  • Physical Attack: 125
  • Physical Defense: 80
  • Starting Weapon: Greatsword of Fate

What Makes Path of the Cricket: Balance the Ideal Option

The reason I feel that Path of the Cricket: Balance is the best combat style in Lies of P is because of its decent stat spread, which gives you average HP, stamina, and physical attack, as well as equal Motivity and Technique. Moreover, while the Greatsword of Fate from Path of the Sweeper is ideal, you’re much better off learning the ropes with a sword, such as the Puppet Saber Blade.

In my experience, I wanted to stack Motivity (i.e. Strength) so I could make the most out of slow-but-powerful armaments. The problem was that several enemies and bosses later in the campaign had numerous chained attacks with faster speeds. It meant that I was at a disadvantage due to a Motivity weapon’s slower attack animation. Conversely, the Path of the Bastard does focus more on Technique (i.e. Dexterity), which means wielding lighter and faster weapons. The downside is that your physical damage will be lower.

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Can You Still Obtain the Other Starting Weapons

Thankfully, it’s still possible to obtain the other Lies of P starting weapons. All you need to do is reach the Cerasani Alley fast travel point, which is just past the Krat Plaza. There, you’ll meet a merchant that sells each weapon for 300 Ergo. As you progress further in the campaign, you’ll be able to upgrade all weapons, and even alter handles or combine blades and handles. These mechanics allow you to fine-tune your armaments to your liking.

That’s everything you need to know about the best combat style and starting weapon in Lies of P. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our LoP guides hub.

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