Every decisive choice you can make and how to make them in Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Guide – All Episode 1 Choices

Every decisive choice you can make and how to make them in Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm
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In Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the choices you make determine how people respond to you. Major choices can affect people’s entire approach to you and lead to drastically different outcomes in later episodes, while minor choices may only affect a handful of conversations.

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No matter the levity, though, making decisions that come with consequences is tough. While we can’t make your choices for you, we can provide some valuable insight into the circumstances surrounding them.

All Choices from Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm

The choices listed here are in chronological order. Major choices are clearly marked with any known and relevant consequences briefly detailed. Remember to think over every decision carefully, and good luck.

Steal the Money

Inside the Old Mill, there’s a guy selling T-Shirts out of the trunk of his car. If you try to steal one, he’ll tell you off. Release the parking brake of his car to cause it to roll out of position. In the chaos that ensues, snag yourself that awesome T-Shirt.

Before you can run off with the goods, you notice a tin full of cash. Take it or leave it — just know there are two things you can do with it in Episode 1 if you decide to swipe it.

Buy Pot from Frank

With the money you stole from the T-Shirt vendor in hand, you can buy pot from Frank and pay off your debt to him should you wish. Otherwise you could save the money for later.

Attack or Run All Episode 1 Choices Life is Strange Before the Storm Guide

Attack or Run – Major Choice

After a run in with the wrong crowd, you’ll find yourself cornered with only two options available to you: Attack or Run. If you attack your aggressors, you’ll escape the encounter with a black eye. Running away, on the other hand, will get you off the hook. It’s not yet clear what future consequences this choice might come with.

Read Joyce’s Self-Help Book

While rummaging around in your mother’s room, head to the other side of her bed and read her self-help book should you choose. There are no known consequences of doing this as of Episode 1.

Put the Photo of William on the Dresser

Again, while exploring your mother’s room, dig through her dresser to find a photo of your father. You may choose to put the photo on display or leave it in hiding. There are no known consequences for this, currently.

Slip Money into Joyce’s Purse

If you stole the money and neglected to buy pot from Frank, you may slip that money into Joyce’s Purse after you set it down on the table. The bills around the house indicate she desperately needs it, though there’s no known outcome for this as of yet.

Be Understanding or Say What You Feel All Episode 1 Choices Life is Strange Before the Storm Guide

Mean or Kind – Major Choice

While bickering with Joyce over her boyfriend, David, you may choose to either be understanding or speak your mind. If you’re kind to her, she’ll recognize that you’re doing your best. If you’re mean to her, on the other hand, expect to be fighting with her long after you leave the house.

Go to the Play with Elliot

When you arrive at school, Elliot will catch you and ask you to check out the school play with him. Note that saying “Maybe?” is essentially the same as saying yes.

Rate Skip’s Demo

Approach Skip the campus security guard and bring up the concert you went to for the chance to listen to his demo. You could pass up the opportunity to listen, or you could listen to it and either tell him that it was great or that it was just okay.

Finish the Tabletop Game

When you grab your DVD from Steph, she’ll invite you to finish the tabletop game with her and Mikey. Note that all you really need to do to finish is beat the final boss, but it’s really rewarding to take the alternate paths should you chose to. 

Sabotage Victoria’s Homework

While bickering with Victoria over Rachel Amber, you’ll have the chance to sabotage her homework with your superior knowledge in chemistry. Solid way to land on her shit-list, should you wish.

Step Out or Step In All Episode 1 Choices Life is Strange Before the Storm Guide

To Defend, or Not to Defend – Major Choice

When you go to enter the school building, a fight between Nathan and Drew breaks out. Here, you may choose to start a back talk challenge to try and defend Nathan, or you may decide to stay out of it and let the encounter run its natural course. The consequences of this decision are still a mystery.

The Philosophy of Love

After being dragged off to the drama lab by Rachel, she asks for your opinion when a debate breaks out on the context of love within the play. You can either state that you believe in true love or that you think love is just full of crap.

Sharing Earbuds

While chilling out on the train with Rachel, you’ll pull out your MP3 player to ease some of the awkward silence. Here you may choose to either share an earbud with Rachel or listen to your music alone.

Jumping Out of the Train

After a while on the train, Rachel urges you to jump out. You can either swallow your fear and jump, or chicken out and say no. If you refuse, Rachel will just drag you off the train anyway.

A Friendship or Something More All Episode 1 Choices Life is Strange Before the Storm Guide

Friends or Something More – Major Choice

During an argument with Rachel, she begins to walk away. In an attempt to keep her from leaving, you must tell her how you feel about your relationship. By telling her you don’t wanna lose your friendship, her immediate reaction won’t be as harsh, but she’ll be a little emotionally distant to you in future scenes compared to if you were to tell her you felt like you two have something more going on.

Good work on navigating your way around every choice in Episode 1. Be sure to check back when Episodes 2 and 3 release for more Life is Strange: Before the Storm guides.

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