Lightning Returns Guide: A Solitary Patron (Snow Fight)

Not sure how to approach the battle with Snow? Check out this battle breakdown!

Not sure how to approach the battle with Snow? Check out this battle breakdown!

In this guide I’ll cover the Snow boss battle for Yusnaan 2-3. This fight has three levels of difficulty, based on when you decide to take on Snow. Base difficulty is from day one to five, stage 2 from dy six to nine, and stage 3 from day 10 onwards.

Preparing For Battle:

You’ll want to single out your best damage Schemata for this fight, whether it be physical or magic. You should only use this to deal heavy damage, do not stagger in this Schemata. In addition, you’ll want your best defensive Schemata to soak up damage. Add Imperil to the defensive Schemata to further enhance your Fire skills.

Your third Schemata needs to focus on the opposite type of damage than your primary damage Schemata. Basically if your big damage is physical, your third Schemata needs to be magic based. Once staggered Snow becomes weak to the opposite type of damage than what you staggered him with. This is why you don’t want to stagger him with your heavy damage Schemata.

Like I mentioned above Snow is weak to Fire, so take advantage of this. Make sure you pick up Enfire and Warrior’s Potions for the added aggression. Also Ice or physical resistances to your Schemata.


Snow will start out by using basic attacks and Blizzard. Defend if needed, and inflict damage on him when openings occur. Early in the fight, what you’re looking for is Chaos Charge. This is when you want to go all out on your stagger Schemata. During Chaos Charge Snow is more susceptible to staggering.

If you fail to stagger Snow during Chaos Charge he gains Bravery and Faith, increasing his damage output. In addition to the two buffs Snow receives, he’ll also attack with Impact Driver, Brutal Bash, and Chaos Geyser. After he finishes those attacks, he reverts to previous attack style.

When you deplete Snow’s health to 50%, he’ll receive Cloak of Chaos granting him Protect and Veil. Furthermore, he’ll attack with twice on each basic attack, and get the multi-hit skill Sanctify.

Continue to try to get good bursts of damage on Snow, but watch for Riposte and Recast. These two abilities will allow Snow to counter an attack type depending on which he is using. Riposte allows him to counter physical attacks, and Recast allows him to counter magic attacks.

This wraps up the fight with Snow, for more guides check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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