Lightning Returns Guide: Healing An Angel

A guide covering the Healing an Angel main main quest, as well as three additional side quests.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

In this guide I’ll cover getting your chocobo healthy enough to advance the story quest. This will complete the Saving an Angel, The Right Stuff, and Chocobo Cheer side-quests as well. This quest is mostly just a bunch of running around and talking to NPCs.

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Canopus Farms:

There are three NPCs who you’ll want to talk to at Canopus Farms(marked in green on the map). The first is Sarala, who is in the little fenced in field. She’ll give you a Gyashl Green for the Chocobo. Next, talk to the innkeeper for a Fuzzy Sheep Milk. The final NPC is the Hunter Chief, sitting on a chocobo just outside of the village. After feeding the chocobo, make sure to talk to Sarala again to go ahead and unlock the A Father’s Request side-quest, although I won’t go over it here.

Mystical Meal:

You’ll get this item by doing the side-quest called The Right Stuff. For this quest you’ll need six Vibrant Ooze, which you get off Miniflan. If you don’t have enough go kill a few before you head to the Hunter Hopeful marked in purple on the attached map.


These little creatures are very easy to kill with Lightning magic. They are all around the Canopus Farms area. Vibrant Ooze appears to be a 100% drop, so each flan should drop one.

Once you’ve collected the Vibrant Ooze, head to the Hunter Hopeful and accept the quest, and immediately turn it in. Afterwards head back to Canopus Farms and feed the chocobo the Mystical Meal. This will heal the chocobo enough to allow you to ride him. He will also accompany you in battles now too.

Unlocking Glide:

Glide is a very important part of getting around the Wildlands. To unlock it you need to complete the second healing stage. Each stage is broken up into a set number of points. Each item you feed the chocobo has its own point value. If you’ve followed the steps provided, your current total should be 135. It takes 120 to complete stage one and 250 to complete stage 2.

To complete this stage the easy way, talk to Nadia in Jagd Village. She is marked in blue on the map. She explains  about how Yeul’s Flowers are good for healing chocobos, and gives you the side-quest Chocobo Cheer. This quest asks you to bring the chocobo back after feeding it a Yeul’s Flower. If you have time later you can bring him back, but go ahead and collect the four Yeul’s Flowers marked in red on the map. Three flowers is enough, but the fourth is good for progressing the chocobo to fully healed.

That wraps up my guide for Healing An Angel. Be sure to check out my Lightning Returns directory for more guides.

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