Lightning Returns Guide: Hunter in Light and Shadow (Noel Fight)

Looking to get the edge in the Noel fight? Check out this guide.
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In this guide I’m specifically only covering the Noel battle. Of key-note is the difficulty of this battle based on when you initiate it. After day eight Noel becomes a lot more powerful.

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Preparation For This Battle:

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before going into this fight. The first is Wind resistance. Noel favors Wind attacks combined with the Imperil debuff, so try to mitigate that damage with some Wind resistance.

Noel himself has a weakness for Lightning based attacks, so set up a Lightning based Schemata in your rotation. Imperil is beneficial to increase the damage, but isn’t necessary. Make sure you have one or two Guards set in your abilities as well, as Noel is susceptible to Perfect Guard staggering.

Enthunder and Warrior’s Potions are very useful in this fight, pick up one of each in the Wildlands. These potions allow for a more aggressive approach to the fight.


Use Perfect Guard to build up your Stagger and punish Noel with Lightning based attacks once staggered. Make sure you’re going for the stage two stagger to make Noel susceptible to Launch. Watch Noel’s attack patterns and make sure you’re guarding against his Imperil Strike, Slow Strike, and Daze Strike. These will strongly inhibit your ability to perform in the battle.

After dropping to 50% health, Noel receives Blessing of Shadows, granting him Haste, Shell, and Enaero. He also gets access to Gale Fang and Meteor Javelin, so be on the lookout for those. Stay on your toes and take a recover item if needed. I’d say use your Warrior’s Potion here, if you haven’t used it yet. Just before staggering Noel in this stage, pop your Enthunder Potion as well. Upon staggering hit your Overclock and go all out.

This wraps up the Noel fight guide, for more check out my Lightning Returns directory.

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