Revelations unlock some of Sakamoto Ryoma's best combat skills. Our guide will help you find them and have you saying, "That's rad!"

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Book of Revelation Locations Guide

Revelations unlock some of Sakamoto Ryoma's best combat skills. Our guide will help you find them and have you saying, "That's rad!"

As you make your way through Like a Dragon: Ishin!, you’ll unlock a lot of skills. You’ll get most of them by spending Soul Orbs or by training with masters of the various styles, but some are locked behind Books of Revelation.

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Books of Revelation are found in the world and are generally unlocked by clearing a specific style master’s questline or specific mastery challenges. This guide will tell you how to get them, and thankfully, there aren’t as many Books as there are Trooper Cards

Where to Find All Books or Revelation in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Here’s where to find all 8 of the Books of Revelation in Like a Dragon: Ishin!. Luckily, since there are technically no missables in Ishin!, you’ll be able to get them all as long as you complete the requirements listed below. 

1. Book of Revelation: Strike

This Book unlocks Essence of Grand Bruising in the Brawler style. You’ll get it by completing Advanced Room 10 in the Scarecrow Chateau.

2. Book of Revelation: Throw

This Revelation unlocks Essence of Reverse Throw for the Brawler style. Gain it by beating Komaki at the Komaki Dojo as part of his final test.

3. Book of Revelations: Flash

Flash unlocks Gleaming Scythe ability in Swordsman style. Beat Ginryu at the Ginryu Dojo as part of his final Swordsman test to get it. 

4. Book of Revelations: Evasion

This book unlocks Dance of Mourning ability in the Wild Dancer style. You can nab it by completing Hell Room 10 in Scarecrow Chateau.

5. Book of Revelations: Frenzy

This Revelation unlocks The Bloody Wheel ability in Wild Dancer style. Beat Ginryu again at the Ginryu Dojo, this time as part of his final test for Wild Dancer. 

6. Book of Revelations: Spree

Spree unlocks Essence of Oh-Be-Joyful in Gunman Style. Earned from William Bradley at shooting dojo after finishing his final mission.

7. Book of Revelations: Gust

This Book unlocks Essence of Old Scratch. You’ll get this by trading five Carved Wooden bears to one of William Bradley’s men in Unyuan after completing all of Bradley’s Gunman missions.

8. Book of Revelations: Smash 

This one unlocks Essence of Mincemeat in Swordsman style. Clear Wanted Man mission #8 in Mukurogai to get it.

Once you’ve got a Book in your possession, you’ll need to repeatedly employ the technique it specifies to have a chance at unlocking the Revelation and earning your new ability. The Heat icon will trigger in the upper left corner of your screen when the Revelation is available, so keep an eye out for it!

Once you’ve gotten all eight Books and have unlocked their Revelations, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking all of Ryoma’s skills. There’s still more to do once you’ve maxed out every class, but that’s a subject for another guide. For more, head to our guides hub.

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