Reveal new secrets and disturbing details in this guide to Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares Guide Walkthrough: Chapter 4 — The Guest Area

Reveal new secrets and disturbing details in this guide to Little Nightmares.

Chapter Four is the shortest chapter in Little Nightmares, but probably the most disturbing one. There are no complex puzzles in this new area, but it’s quite graphic, so prepare yourself nonetheless. This guide will help you cope with some of the most confusing parts of the guest area.

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Little Nightmares Chapter 4: The Guest Area Walkthrough

As you reach the opening on the top of the ladder, you realize that you have been aboard a massive ship all along. Grab onto an anchor chain and go up onto the deck of the ship.

When you get inside the ship through one of the openings, go left and up the ladder, and use the chandeliers as your platforms. You will find yourself in the series of dining rooms, where gluttonous monsters consume massive amounts of meat.

Some of them will try to catch you, so you need to run. However, most of them will be too busy eating than being bothered with you.

Climb on top of a tall stack of plates on one of the tables in the last room and jump through the window. In the next section, use the very last free stool at the table and climb up. Go back up the table and climb again on to the upper floor.

Run all the way to the left until you reach the restroom and hide under the sink. One of the creepy chefs will come looking for you, but soon he will leave. Then pick up a can from the floor and throw it at the big mirror.

Go up and follow the pipes hanging on the ceiling. Jump down at the elevator and use it to ascend even higher. Run all the way to the right escaping the chasing monsters, and at the gap jump ahead using the hanging lamp.

Go all the way to the right, and after a disturbing scene move up the ladder into the elevator. This will end the fourth chapter — The Guest Area.

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