Here's how to find and defeat the hidden Frog King boss in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero Frog King: How to Summon and Beat the Hidden Boss

Here's how to find and defeat the hidden Frog King boss in Loop Hero.

The world of Loop Hero is a mysterious one indeed, and there are a ton of secrets to be found through experimentation. Many of them you’ll find by accident, but some of these secrets require a bit more deliberate action, such as what you have to do to fight the four developer bosses. Fitting into that category is a hidden boss against the Frog King.

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This enemy is not terribly difficult to defeat, but getting him to appear takes some luck and a strong build. Here’s how to discover and defeat this secret Loop Hero enemy.

Use the Swamp Card Liberally

The key to revealing the Frog King lies in making him feel at home. To do this, you need to use the Swamp card. A lot. 

You unlock the Swamp after building the Herbalist’s Hut in your camp, and it’s a tricky tile to use. It spawns a mosquito every three days, quick enemies that attack frequently and dodge a lot of attacks. Luckily, they have low HP. What really makes the Swamp precarious is that it reverses any healing effect (other than potions) while you’re on the tile.

Suddenly, Regeneration is a slowly ticking time bomb. Vampirism means you take a chunk of your own health with every successful hit. And if morning arrives a few times while you’re on a Swamp, you lose big chunks of HP.

To use Swamps to make the Frog King appear, you must cover every single tile in your loop with a Swamp card. That makes your expedition a war of attrition; you have to survive long enough to even find 30+ Swamp cards. 

This makes evasion and attack speed key to success if you want to win a Frog King run. You’ll also want some damage sponge helpers: skeletons, a wolf companion, etc. Avoid taking hits and end battles in a hurry.

Once you’ve covered every tile of the loop with Swamps, the Frog King will appear on a random tile. So, how do you make this dastardly foe croak?

Defeating the Frog King

You’ll notice right away that the Frog King has some strange tendencies. First, he only has 2 HP. However, he also has an ability that reduces any damage he suffers to 1 HP. You only have to hit him twice to win, but that’s easier said than done. 

The Frog King also has an evasion stat of 99%.

He doesn’t hit very hard, but your resources could already be fairly low from making your way through all those loops of Swamp tiles. Luckily, the same stats that helped you reach this boss will be the key to taking him out.

Since any damage to the Frog King knocks off half his health, so it’s essential you have:

  • high attack speed
  • allies fighting alongside you

A rogue with high attack speed and a wolf will have a lot of chances to hit this boss twice before succumbing to his attacks.

Boss Rewards

The Frog King drops a ton of cards when you beat him, likely replacing your entire hand. However, you won’t get any powerful equipment or impressive trait. Defeating this secret boss is more a pride thing than anything else. There aren’t any major rewards to be had. 

Now that you’ve defeated the secret Frog King boss, it’s probably time to see what else Loop Hero has to offer. Check out our game page for more on this charming roguelike, and happy hunting!

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