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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — All Buffs and How to Trigger Them

Extra buffs can help you survive the terrors in the mines in Return to Moria.

There are a variety of status effects your dwarf can earn while reclaiming Khazad-dum. From getting worked up while mining to taking less damage after drinking a nice cold ale, these are all the buffs in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria and how to trigger them.

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Every Buff and How to Trigger Them in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

There are numerous actions you can take to give yourself an advantage against orcs, dragons, or your own stamina consumption while delving the depths of Middle Earth. Singing, eating good food, and downing an ale do more than keep you happy and full. These actions also grant different buffs. Note that this list is a work in progress. We’ll update it once more are discovered.

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  • Well-fed: Actions cost less Energy.
    • Eat a meal.
  • Full: All actions cost less Energy for a while.
    • Eat a meal.
  • Stuffed: Actions cost less Energy for a long time.
    • Eat a meal that states you’ll be stuffed in the description. Often crafted at the Stove.
  • Well-rested: Restored Energy, negative effects cured, and Stamina bonus.
    • Sleep in a comfortable bed.
  • Unyielding: Immune to damage for a short time.
    • Die.
  • Unburdened: Stamina bonus.
    • Have no pack equipped.
  • Stout: Reduces incoming damage.
    • Drink Ironheart Stout.
  • Fortified: Cures Poisoned and prevents becoming poisoned for a time.
    • Drink the Scour Pilsner.
  • High Spirits: Sleep while active and gain a random buff when you wake.
    • Drink a beer and sing a tavern song.
  • Hoard-wrathful: Large damage bonus to Orcs.
    • Admire a Treasure Trove.
  • Hoard-furious: Medium damage bonus to Orcs.
    • Admire a Treasure Pile.
  • Hoard-angry: A small damage bonus to Orcs.
    • Admire a Treasure Cache.
  • Hero-spirit: Energy bonus for a short time.
    • Repair broken statues, honor Dwarven Remains, or honor a Memorial Flame.
  • Ore-frenzy:
    • Sing a full song while mining ore.
  • Monster-hunter: Increased damage to monsters.
    • Sleep with High Spirits active.
  • Traveler: Reduces negative effects from Fast Travel.
    • Sleep with High Spirits active.
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Drinking Beer From Your Brewflask vs. a Crafter

Drinking ale out of your Brewflask provides different effects than drinking it from a crafter at your base. My favorite to use in the Lower Deeps is the Scour Pilsner, while the Ironheart Stout is a good all-around thirst quencher. Before departing for any adventure, be sure to fill your flask.

Those are all the buffs and their triggers in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. For recipes that give you those buffs, where to find resources, or how to defeat certain bosses, check out our vault of guides.

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