Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — How to Get Durinul Iron Ingot

Required to repair Durin's Axe, Durinul Iron Ingot doesn't need a furnace to be crafted in Return to Moria.

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Durinul Iron Ingot is a primary component when creating Durin armor. Made with degraded materials dropped from Gundabad Orcs, this is how to get Durinul Iron Ingot in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

How to Craft Durinul Iron Ingot in Return to Moria

While other ingots are a straight smelt, or a mix of different ores, Durinul Iron Ingot is a bit more unique. Unlocked after repairing the Great Forge of Durin, you get the recipe for the ingot as well as the Salt Water Bath. Making the metal is more an act of cleansing it from corruption in the new crafter than removing impurities by melting it.

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How to Make a Salt Water Bath

The Salt Water Bath is the crafter designed specifically to make Durinul Iron Ingots. It’s small in size, similar to the Ink Well. You do need to interact with it directly, so make sure you place it somewhere you can reach, unlike a Gem Gutter or Spinning Wheel.

  • Adamant x10
  • Sun-stone x3
  • Salt x12

Durinul Iron Ingot Recipe

The key to Durinul Iron is the use of metal debris collected from Gundabad Orcs. Corrupted, covered in grime, these pieces of slag turn into highly durable ingots after a soak in salt water.

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  • Gundabad Slag x3
  • Salt x3

It takes two minutes for an ingot to complete, with eight able to be queued at a time. Since all of the Durin’s armor pieces, and Durin’s Axe need it, you want to make sure you stock up before heading to the Great Forge.

That’s how to get Durinul Iron Ingot in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. To learn how to craft other ingots, where to find Sun-stone, or where to find axe fragments, mine through our walkthroughs in our guide hub.

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