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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — How to Get Sun-stone

If you want to reforge Durin's Axe in Return to Moria, you'll need Sun-stone.

If you want to craft a complete set of Durin’s armor, you’ll a steady supply of rare gems and metals. One of these is the Sun-stone, and this is how to get it in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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Where to Find Sun-stone in Return to Moria

Sun-stone is a rarer resource that you’ll only start encountering when you reach Dwarrowdelf. It’s needed to reforge Durin’s Axe, and is a component for all pieces in the Durin armor set. It can be hard to track down enough for all these items, unless you know where to look.

I happened to get my first piece after defeating the Warchief at the Gundabad Orc camp in the Desolation area, where you may get yours after killing the Troll King. You can potentially find one while collecting loot from Orkish Chests, while there are rare Adamant veins in Desolation that contain Sun-stone. It appears as a green and yellow mix against the metal.

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Most of the recipes that call for Sun-stone as a component need two or three of the gem, so you’ll want to stock up on it. The best place to do that is in the Darkest Deeps of Dwarrowdelf. Just like in the Lower Deeps, the entrance to the Darkest Deeps areas are found in a crevice that has two planks across it. These are often found in dead end rooms.

After you repair Durin’s Axe and reach the Crossroads, you’ll begin to see more Adamant veins with deposits of the gem. All the way to Baranzinbar are areas you can mine that contain it. Delving into the Darkest Deeps under the city will give you more opportunities to obtain a decent supply.

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Recipes Requiring Sun-Stone

  • Durin’s Axe (Masterwork)
  • Durin’s Guard Shield
  • Durin’s Guard Helmet
  • Durin’s Gloves
  • Durin’s Guard Boots
  • Afhan Lamp

That’s it for how to get Sun-stone in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Used along with pieces of fallen star, Durin’s armor is designed to resist the shadow to its very core. For more resource locations, how to craft certain ingots, or how to farm, take a gander at our guide hub.

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