Lord of the Rings Return to Moria: How to Make an Iron Sword

Upgrade your combat skills with an Iron Sword in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria!

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As the enemies you face grow stronger, you’ll need a better weapon to fight and defeat them. To help, here’s how to make an Iron Sword in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria.

How to Craft an Iron Sword in LotR Return to Moria

The Iron Sword is the second weapon that you can make, and it’s stronger than the Improvised Axe you’re stuck using first.

Gather Your Materials

Before you can make the Iron Sword, you need to rebuild the Furnace and the Forge. Then, you need to gather materials. You’ll need Coal for fuel, Iron Ore to make Iron Ingots, and Wood and Hide Scraps. The materials for the sword alone are:

  • x3 Iron Ingot
  • x4 Wood Scraps
  • x1 Hide Scrap
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If you don’t have Coal, you can use the Stone Hearth to turn Wood Scraps into Coal. It takes 25 Wood Scraps to make a single Coal piece. However, Wood Scraps are fairly easy to find, so it’s not an issue to use some as Coal. Then, you interact with the Furnace, add fuel, and craft your Iron Ingots. 

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Craft the Iron Sword

When they’re ready, pick them up and interact with the Forge. Add fuel once again and choose to craft the Iron Sword. I also put Ori’s Key in the queue at the same time because I needed it and had enough materials. Then, you simply wait and do other tasks until the crafting is finished and you can collect your shiny new weapon.

And that covers how to make an Iron Sword in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. The Iron Sword lets you take on enemies stronger than wolves and the big rat creatures with more confidence than using the Improvised Axe. And it’s much easier to kill them with the sword. From here, visit our LotRRM guide hub for more topics like how to defeat the Watcher in the Water or how to farm Resin.

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