Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — Where to Find a Great Forge

The Great Forge is the first location you need to find after the tutorials in LotR: Return to Moria.

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To craft steel weapons in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, you’ll need to have the hottest forge possible, a Great Forge. Tasked with finding one after the tutorials, here’s where you can find a Great Forge in LotR: RtM.

Where to Find a Great Forge in Return to Moria

Steel Ingot requires flames that only a Great Forge can provide. These giant mechanisms are housed throughout Moria, and you’ll need to locate one if you want to continue finding your way to Gimli. Great Forges are much larger than the forge you can build, and require some maintenance once found.

When you’re given this quest, you’ll have just found that the alternate exit from Durin’s Highway is also blocked by a shadow curse. You need the stronger metal to create a new pickaxe and dig your way through compacted dirt. After some searching, I found that the Western Halls region of Moria doesn’t contain the forge, so I had to do more looking around.

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Great Forge Location

What you’re looking for is the Elven Quarter. It’s a lush green, well lit area that also has camps of Goblin-Men, Bears, and various food ingredients you can harvest. When you first enter the region, you want to go to the right. Stick to the wall, as there’s a dangerous bear along the path.

Pass by three different ruined settlement areas until you reach a fortified building. At this point, you’ll see a path off to the right. This is the entrance to the Great Forge of Narvi, which incorporates both Elven and Dwarven blacksmithing.

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Repairing the Great Forge

Before you can use the forge, you’ll need to fix it. There are three pieces missing that you’ll find throughout the area. The pipe, which is needed for the top of the machinery, is outside in the enemy camp directly in front of the room’s entrance. You can’t run or jump when you’re carrying something, so you’ll need to craft Quick Ramps to bring the pipe piece where it needs to go. The other two are much easier to return to their original positions.

When all the items are in place, the furnace will roar to life. Take care to not stand in front of the furnace as it literally spits flames. This will eat away at your health, which you need for the upcoming battle.

Goblin-Men Hoard

Due to the noise of the Great Forge rekindling, a hoard of Goblin-Men and Goblins will attack. They block all the exits, and can dig through the ground to get to your location. Hoards typically have 15+ enemies converging on your location, so you’ll want to be at full health and have your weapon and shield ready to go. If you’re playing with others, this fight becomes a lot easier to deal with, but solo players will need to block and kill quickly to survive.

Steel Ingot Recipe

Once the hoard is dealt with you’ll be able to smelt steel ingots and craft unique weapons.

  • Iron Ore x3
  • Coal x3

It takes 45 seconds for a single ingot to be crafted.

That’s where to find the Great Forge in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. You’re now able to smith a set of steel items, explore further into the mines, and continue your attempt at making it out of Moria. For how to craft other resources, where to find certain items, or the best beginner tips, delve into our Return to Moria guide hub.

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