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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — Where to Find the First Durin’s Axe Fragment

Finding Durin's Axe pieces can grant you a mighty weapon in LotR Return to Moria.

Legendary Durin’s Axe, said to contain great power, has been broken into five pieces and scattered throughout the mines. Hints to the locations of each piece are found in journals left behind. Here’s where to find the first of Durin’s Axe Fragments in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria.

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The Exact Location of the First Durin’s Axe Fragment in LotR: Return to Moria

You learn of the axe fragments in Ori’s camp when reading the journal there, which gives you the quest to find the first piece. A company of dwarves, under the leadership of Bolin, delved into the Black Pit, searching for all five pieces to help reclaim Moria. Though they couldn’t find it, they know it’s located in the beginning section of The Western Halls along Durin’s Highway.

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Since you’re down here exploring as part of the story already, finding the first axe fragment isn’t too far off the beaten path. While investigating, you’ll see a diamond icon with an axe through it, representing the main search area you need to navigate toward. The area, known as Westgate, features many ruined buildings and a destroyed statue. Stay on the lookout for a building that has two open entrances with two staircases inside.

Take either of the staircases up to the second floor. The fragment, a long red handle, lies on a table in the center part of the upstairs area. I was able to pinpoint it, as will you, by its vibrant coloring, which stands out against the rest of the furniture. Once you obtain it, the goal will complete, and you’ll be able to read a journal entry about it.

That’s where to find the first fragment of Durin’s Axe in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. Whether you get lost, like I do, and need help finding the Great Forge, or want to know how to get into Orkish Chests, mine our guides vault for all the assistance you require.

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