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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — Where to Find The Fourth Fragment of Durin’s Axe

Hidden in Dwarrowdelf, it can be easy to miss the fourth part of Durin's Axe in Return to Moria.

Durin’s Axe is the key to escaping from the mines of Khazad-dum. Broken into five pieces, this is where to find the fourth fragment of Durin’s Axe in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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How to Locate the Fourth Durin’s Axe Fragment

This fragment actually ended up being the last one that I found, with me obtaining the fifth long before it. The hint of where to find it, and subsequent map tracker, comes when you open Balin’s Akhfur Chest at the Dwarrowdelf fast travel location. He notes that the piece is in a house somewhere in Dwarrowdelf.

I scoured all over, what I thought, was Dwarrowdelf. Turns out, I only explored a small portion of the city. This is the exact route to take starting at Balin’s camp in Dwarrowdelf.

  • Take a right out of the camp and travel until you reach an open room.
  • Go to the right, where there is an orc camp.
  • Kill orcs, destroy the pole.
  • Mine through the rock barrier.
  • There are a ton of Orc camps throughout this next area, so have your stamina filled. Run down the left side until you can’t go any farther.
  • Take the stairs down to your right.
  • When you reach the broken bridge go into the room to your right.
  • Go to the right again and follow a hallway out.
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Getting to Dwarrowdelf

When you get to the landing, look for an area on your left like the one picture above. This is where I completely missed a whole part of the city. There are two hallways that come off this square. The one to the right has a chest, but the one to the left has a stairway leading back up. I initially figure it would take me to where I just was. It doesn’t, however, as it goes another level higher than where you start.

  • On the top landing, go across the broken bridge.
  • Go up the stairs to your right.
  • From here go straight to Orc camp.
  • Kill the orcs, destroy the pole.
  • Mine through the barrier.
  • In the next room, take the stairs all the way down. You should be in the area circled on the map.
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  • Look for a house with shadow in front of it. It may be behind a partial wall.
  • The axe fragment is on a chair on the second floor of this home
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This area can definitely be difficult to get to. Since my main goal was to get the axe piece, I ate and drank items that would give me a stamina buff. I ended up sprinting most of the way, only fighting the final orc camp before the last dirt wall. Even if you can’t defeat them, taking out the central pole means they’re less likely to be found there in the future, and won’t spawn there again. This lessens the chance of dying on subsequent visits.

You also want to have rations on hand to heal you, whether from battling enemies, falling off a ridge, or being Shadow-cursed. I prefer Cram and Pasties, myself, but any of the reasonable rations will due. Simple rations just don’t heal enough for me to consider using them.

That’s how to find the fourth fragment of Durin’s Axe in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. For the locations of other fragments, where to find Sun-stone, or how to get Durinul Iron Ingot to repair it, check out our extensive guide vault.

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