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Lords of the Fallen: Fastest Ways to Level Up

Earn more XP for your efforts in Lords of the Fallen.

You’ve got a harrowing journey ahead of you in Lords of the Fallen. From towering parapets filled with burning corpses to the shadowy depths of a dead world, you’re bound to encounter many challenges. Our guide discusses the fastest ways to level up in Lords of the Fallen by way of skull items, a bit of grinding, and one particular accessory.

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Leveling Tips to Gain More XP and Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

There are several ways for you to gain more Vigor:

  • Defeat large groups of enemies or bosses.
  • Farm in the Umbral realm.
  • Use Vigor Skulls.
  • Equip the Moth Ring.

Bear in mind that Vigor is the basic resource that’s used for leveling and purchasing items or upgrades. As such, you have to choose between gaining a stat point, buying a weapon/spell/consumable item, or upgrading an armament.

Likewise, Lords of the Fallen uses the Axiom realm vs. Umbral realm feature. Dying in the Axiom realm brings you to the Umbral, the realm of the dead. However, if you die in the Umbral, you lose all the Vigor you have on you at the time. You need to return to the place where your character died (a corpse run) to retrieve your lost resource. If you perish along the way, then the dropped Vigor is gone for good.

Fighting Large Groups of Enemies and Bosses for XP

There are several areas in Lords of the Fallen where you’ll fight several enemies. It’s always a good idea to whittle down hostile forces, while not venturing too far from a vestige waypoint, including those that you create by using Vestige Seeds. As with other Soulslike games, resting at a waypoint will also respawn these enemies, making for a viable farming run.

As for bosses, they certainly don’t respawn, but they tend to drop a lot of Vigor, too. Moreover, the Sinner-type minibosses are beefed up variants of elite mobs, so you’re likely to encounter those elites throughout your adventure.

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How to Farm XP in the Umbral Realm

We have more details for you in our how to survive in the Umbral realm guide. Suffice to say, farming in the Umbral realm is hectic due to non-stop spawning hostiles, but it needs to be done swiftly and at intervals. You’ll notice an XP multiplier at the top-right corner of your screen, which has the following values that increase over time:

  • 1.10x
  • 1.20x
  • 2.00x
  • 3.00x

I should warn you that the gap between each threshold/multiplier actually gets shorter. Upon reaching the 3.00x multiplier, a Revenant will spawn that prevents you from using your Sanguinarix flask. In my case, I usually do this when I need to earn a chunk of XP in a short span of time. I’d take out husk enemies until I see the 2.00x multiplier. Then, I make my way back to a nearby vestige waypoint so I could quickly return to the Axiom realm.

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How to Use Vigor Skulls

Vigor Skulls tend to be found in various areas as regular loot, and they all have different tiers or values. As consumables, you can simply use them via your inventory to gain an amount of Vigor currency.

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Where to Find the Moth Ring

One more option that could help you level up and gain XP in Lords of the Fallen is the Moth Ring. This accessory grants bonus Vigor drops from foes, which is a very welcome bonus. You’ll find it in the back alleys of Upper Calrath, along the path that leads back to Skyrest Bridge.

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Unfortunately, the area is for those already in the mid-to-late-game stage of the campaign, so you’ve still got a long road ahead of you.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to level up and gain more XP or Vigor in Lords of the Fallen. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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