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Lords of the Fallen: How to Beat Mendacious Visage

Crack open this boulder-headed brute in Lords of the Fallen.

The Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage boss is a very tough foe, though this is primarily because of its natural defenses. As a walking boulder, you’re going to find it hard to deal damage to it, unless you can ensure that it’s vulnerable. Our guide discusses how to beat the Mendacious Visage boss in the Forsaken Fen zone.

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How to Beat Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen

To beat the Mendacious Visage, you need to watch out for its high defense, AoE abilities, and projectiles. It also uses wither-based attacks that can apply the frostbite status effect, which lowers your maximum stamina.

Where to Find the Mendacious Visage

You’ll face the Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage boss halfway through the Forsaken Fen zone, also known as the swamplands. After meeting the Iron Wayfarer, you’ll notice a sloping path that loops around the village with the large bonfire. Then, as soon as you enter the Umbral section, it will appear.

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Mendacious Visage Abilities

These are the abilities that you need to watch out for when facing the Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage:

  • Stone Face: Its weak spot is completely covered up by a stone face, which means you’ll barely do any damage. However, it will open up periodically, so you’ll want to do a string of attacks when this occurs.
  • Will-o-wisp: Fires either a triple bolt toward your location, or multiple bolts that spread out in a frontal cone.
  • Will-o-worms: Summons multiple worms that explode after a short duration.
  • Boomer Nova: Will cause a massive explosion with an average-sized radius; can occur while it’s standing and idle or whenever it leaps and crashes.
  • Crackdown: Opens its weak spot and calls forth multiple Will-o-wisps that hit the ground.
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When I fought the Mendacious Visage, I made sure to wait for it to open its stone face and expose its core. With this weak spot visible, I did a few slashes with my weapons, though I also opted to pelt it with arrows just to be on the safe side.

I should also warn you that the Mendacious Visage still shoots projectiles and does leaping crashes even if its weak spot is open. Don’t be too greedy when attacking, and always be ready to do a dodge roll. Last but not least, you can also use your Umbral Lamp to Soulflay (i.e. pull) the boss’ face, forcing it open so you can do a few more hits.

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Mendacious Visage Rewards

Defeating the Mendacious Visage nets you the Precision Hammer, a weapon that can also apply the poison status effect, as well as the Mask of Wrath, a light armor headpiece. As with other Sinner-type bosses in the game, you’ll receive a Vestige Seed. Likewise, non-elite variants of this foe will appear later on in the campaign.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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