Lords of the Fallen: How to Fix Crossplay Not Working

Looking to play with friends on different platforms? Here's how to fix crossplay not working in Lords of the Fallen.

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Lords of the Fallen is the latest dark fantasy action RPG from Hexworks and CI Games. As with many launches these days, growing pains are bound to happen, especially with titles that are released on multiple platforms. LotF is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and its crossplay functionality has been a major draw for players to jump into this Soulslike title. But if you’ve tried to play with your friends lately, crossplay might also be causing a massive headache. In this guide, we’ll cover how to fix crossplay not working in Lords of the Fallen.

How to Fix Crossplay Not Working in Lords of the Fallen

Currently, there’s no quick fix for crossplay in LotF. This means fixing crossplay in LotF is up to Hexworks and CI Games at this point. So, all we can do is wait. The team has taken to X to officially notify all of us that it’s on the hunt for a solution. But it hasn’t confirmed how soon we can expect a definitive fix. 

In the meantime, Lords of the Fallen crossplay is temporarily disabled as the devs work on its functionality.

What Causes Crossplay Errors in Lords of the Fallen?

Players have reported that LotF‘s crossplay woes seemingly stemmed from its platforms running incompatible versions of the game, rendering the feature completely unusable. However, the dev team has stated the feature just needs to be further optimized.

Either way, this isn’t the greatest news, but co-op and online multiplayer are still up and running! As someone who loves teaming up with friends from my PS5 while they play on PC, it’s always a shame when titles lack crossplay or, in this case, offer it when it simply doesn’t work. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to currently fix crossplay in Lords of the Fallen. However, if you’re wondering about the fastest ways to level up or how to get better PS5 performance, check out our growing LotF guides hub right here on GameSkinny. 

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