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Lords of the Fallen: How to Get the Fitzroy’s Armor Set

Wear an old warrior's garb using the Fitzroy Armor in Lords of the Fallen.

You can find many armor pieces in Lords of the Fallen, and several tend to have beneficial stats. Still, if you’re only a few hours into the game, you might want to obtain something that offers decent defense. Our guide discusses how to get the Fitzroy’s Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen, which is a pretty good option at a particular stage of the campaign.

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How to Get the Fitzroy’s Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen

The Fitzroy’s Armor Set can be found in the Fitzroy’s Gorge zone. Imagine that: the area itself is named after this particular warrior. In any case, here’s what you need to do:

  • Proceed further into Fitzroy’s Gorge until you defeat the Ruiner boss.
  • Cross the bridge until you see a sloped section. You can pick up the Orian Preacher Hammer nearby.
  • Switch to the Umbral Realm so you can pull the platform. This lets you enter a tower.
  • Head to the very top of the tower and open the chest to receive the armor set.

Now that you have the Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy’s Armor Set, you might want to grab the other goodies nearby:

  • You can pull the echo/stigma to receive a couple of Umbral Scourings.
  • Below the tower’s spire, you’ll see a glowing orb on a wooden beam. Carefully drop down to pick up the Axe of the Flayed.
  • In the central portion of the tower, there’s an opening that leads outside. You can acquire the Umbral Eye of Hooded Antuli, but do watch out for lots of Umbral creatures that are guarding it.
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Fitzroy Armor Set Stats and Resistances

The Lords of the Fallen Fitzroy Armor Set consists of the following: Helm, Armor, Gauntlets, and Leggings. If you wear all the gear pieces, you’ll gain the following stats:

  • Defenses: Physical 563, Holy 272, Fire 279, and Wither 230.
  • Resistances: Smite 147, Bleed 173, Burn 166, Ignite 141, Frostbite 126, and Poison 153.

I definitely think that the set is fairly balanced, though immensely useful due to the high physical defense. However, around this time, I already had the Ardent Penitent Head Cage, which has the highest physical defense among all helmets. Still, I would suggest trying out different gear pieces, even if they’re not from the same set, just to min-max your mitigation and resistances. Likewise, you might want to check out how these items compare with the Sovereign Protector set, which is obtained a bit later.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about how to get the Fitzroy Armor Set in Lords of the Fallen. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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