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Lords of the Fallen: Where to Find the Shrine of Adyr

Find the well-hidden shrine of this demon god in Lords of the Fallen.

Shrines are integral to your adventure in Lords of the Fallen if you primarily focus on online multiplayer co-op and PvP. The three altars in the game correspond to the three gods and their respective schools of magic. One, however, is a lot harder to find. Our guide discusses where to find the Shrine of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen.

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Where to Find the Shrine of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen

The Shrine of Adyr located in Fitzroy’s Gorge, though it’s fairly well-hidden. First, you’ll want to make your way through the caverns until you reemerge at the open area. You’ll come across a bridge that’s guarded by the Ruiner sinner boss. After you beat the Ruiner, you can unlock the path to the Shrine of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen.

Shrine of Adyr Hidden Path

First, make sure that you switch to the Umbral Realm while standing on the bridge where you fought the Ruiner. You’ll notice that there’s a landmass across the chasm, but the sides are also blocked off due to corrupted growths. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Soulflay the first tortured effigy to your left (if you’re coming from the flowerbed/seedling waypoint). This lets you pick up the Nohuta’s Ritual Hammer weapon.
  • Run to the opposite side of the bridge and turn around. You’ll see another tortured soul hanging above the opening. Pull it and the pathway across the chasm will be cleared.

Shrine of Adyr Rewards

From there, cross the chasm by pulling on the platforms. Once you reach the other side, make sure take the fork on your right first so you can kick down the ladder that leads back to the main area.

Then, continue onward until you see a temple marked with symbols written in blood. That’s the Lords of the Fallen Shrine of Adyr. Inside, you’ll find the following:

  • There’s a vestige waypoint that can be used for fast travel purposes.
  • You can pick up 3x Charred Finger from a corpse at the cliffside.
  • You’ll receive the Crimson Ritual Fervor if you interact with the bloody altar.
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As an aside, I have to note that the Shrine of Adyr is the only altar in the game not found in the Skyrest hub. I’ve noticed that the Shrine of the Putrid Mother is next to Molhu, and the Shrine of Orius is in the basement. The Shrine of Adyr, however, is in an entirely different zone. Thankfully, there’s a waypoint that you can fast travel to once it’s unlocked.

From this point onward, if you engage in co-op and PvP, you can try to make offerings to the Shrine of Adyr (or the other altars) whenever you wish. That’s everything you need to know about where to find the Shrine of Adyr in Lords of the Fallen. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our LotF guides hub.

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