Lost Ark: How to Get Pirate Coins

There are plenty of ways to earn Pirate Coins in Lost Ark. Here are a few of them.

There are plenty of ways to earn Pirate Coins in Lost Ark. Here are a few of them.

Pirate Coins are one of many types of currencies you can earn in Lost Arkand it’s also one of the most important. It’s the only currency accepted when trying to upgrade your ship, and there are numerous exclusive items that can only be purchased in exchange for these coins.

In this guide, we’re going to break down how to easily earn Pirate Coins in Lost Ark.

How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark

Island Quests

The primary way of earning Pirate Coins in Lost Ark is through the completion of island quests. Some islands are better than others for earning coins, with Freedom Isle and the Blackfang’s Den being the two favorites. They don’t necessarily have the most coins to earn, but you can get a lot in little time through completing the quests it has to offer. 

All of the island totals are listed here:

  • Atropos — 10,000 Pirate Coins
  • Blackfang’s Den — 10,000 Pirate Coins
  • Cradle of the Sea Fermata — 9,000 Pirate Coins
  • Freedom Isle — 15,000 Pirate Coins
  • Giant Mushroom Island — 2,000 Pirate Coins
  • Golden Wave Island — 7,000 Pirate Coins
  • Lullaby Island — 16,500 Pirate Coins
  • Kalthertz — 8,600 Pirate Coins
  • Peyto and Glacier Island — 5,000 Pirate Coins
  • Runaways Island — 5,000 Pirate Coins
  • Sublime Isle — 6,000 Pirate Coins

A lot of these island quests will require some intense traveling, but they are still, bar-none, the fastest means of earning Pirate Coins.

As we said before, start with Freedom Isle and Blackfang’s Den, as they are the quickest, then if you need some more coins, you can clean up some other quests from the other islands.

If you’ve exhausted all of your island quest options, don’t worry, you’re not out of options. There are several other means of earning Pirate Coins in Lost Ark. Marine Events, Una’s Tasks, and trading are all additional ways to make some bank.

Marine Events

Marine Events are the best of these options, and can be found in the Voyage tab of the settings menu. Open up this list to find all the upcoming events.

You can use the megaphone icon next to the Marine Events to turn on their notifications, so you’ll be alerted when they start in the notifications menu (the alarm clock icon). Each event will take place at a set location, so be there on time. You’ll need to complete four minigames in each event, and upon completion, you’ll earn yourself some Pirate Coins.

Una’s Tasks

Una’s Tasks are daily and weekly tasks that become available upon reaching Level 50. To find them, click the Adventure button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, then choose Una’s Tasks.

Simply pick whichever task you want to take on, then complete the objectives before reopening the task menu to complete it for your rewards. These are a good option if you’ve completed all of the island quests, and there’s a while to wait before the next Marine Event.


Finally, trading is another great option if you’ve accumulated lots of the wrong types of coins. Approach the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel at any port of your choosing, and you can make coin exchanges here. The exchange rates are as follows:

  • 1 Gienah’s Coin — 10 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Sceptrum’s Coin — 12 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Arcturus’s Coin — 15 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Ancient Coin — 17 Pirate Coins
  • 1 Sun Coin — 20 Pirate Coins

Additionally, you can trade in a High Seas Coin Chest for a whopping 100 Sun Coins, enough for 2,000 Pirate Coins if traded (as much as some islands).

With all of these method combined, you should be able to pad your wallet with Pirate Coins in no time.

Items like the Song of Resonance, which can only be purchased with Pirate Coins, and the high demand for this currency by seafaring merchants makes this one of the most important currencies in all of the free-to-play Lost Ark. If you’re interested in learning more about this game, consider checking out our other guides in the guides hub!

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