There are more than 1200 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. Here's how to find them.

Lost Ark: Mokoko Seed Locations

There are more than 1200 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. Here's how to find them.
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In Lost Arkthere are more than a thousand Mokoko Seeds scattered throughout the world, so it’s easy to find lots early on, but it can quickly become a pain. Running around finding collectibles is one of the most relaxing things you can do in video games, but seeking out so many as in the case with Mokoko Seeds is just the opposite.

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Where to Find Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Finding and collecting Mokoko Seeds will grant players tons of XP, earning you 180 Roster XP per one found. These collectibles will also grant you rewards, based on how many you have collected. To earn your rewards, you can talk to Totoma, an NPC in Mokoko Village on Tortoyk.

Mokoko Seeds appear as small, beige plants wrapped in vine, with two green leaves sprouting out of the top. Once found, they can be interacted with to be collected. As there are more than a thousand in game, we can’t list out the exact location of every single one, however the Lost Ark interactive map will help with just that.

To use this map, simply click on any one of the 100+ islands or cities to jump to an interactive map for that area.

In this map, on the right of the screen, you will see a list of all of the collectibles and points of interests for the area. The Mokoko Seeds icon will list a number beside it, indicating how many there are in the area, all of which are marked on the map.

If you’d like to hide the icons that aren’t Mokoko Seeds, you can click them on the list to toggle them off. To return to the main map so you can choose a new location, simply right-click. You can also click the portals on the maps themselves to teleport to specific regions.

Unfortunately, you can’t mark areas that you’ve cleared of Mokoko Seeds on the map directly, so you may want to keep a list of cleared areas for yourself, so as to avoid exploring the same islands or villages over and over again.

The seeds themselves won’t always be in plain sight. You may have to peer behind or underneath objects or terrain to find them, but as long as you know the rough area of where one is, you should be able to track it down rather easily. If one is giving you trouble, take note of which one it is and you can always come back to it later if you need to.

With help from the papunika map, finding Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark will become an absolute breeze. If you’re interested in learning more about this title, consider checking out our other Lost Ark guides!

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