Here's how you can heal up and restore your EX Gauge in Lost Judgment.

Lost Judgment: How to Heal and Restore EX Gauge

Here's how you can heal up and restore your EX Gauge in Lost Judgment.

In Lost Judgment, you’ll be getting into fights in the streets of Kamurocho and Ijincho. After a few fights, you might need to heal up. But how do you do that? There are a few ways to restore your HP in the game.

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You can visit the game’s many restaurants to refill your HP by eating food from their menus. The amount you heal depends on how much you eat. However, be aware that you can’t eat more than what your maximum HP bar will let you.

You can also spend skill points to recover even more HP when you eat. Unlocking Conscious Eater, Healthy Eater, and Enlightened Eater will provide you with 10%, 20%, and 30% more HP recovery when eating, respectively.

Drinking alcohol can also restore HP, but watch out with that because Yagami will become drunk. Being intoxicated completely changes how he fights in battle and charges his EX Gauge at a faster rate. The EX Gauge naturally refills over time during battle as you unleash attacks and receive damage. The EX Gauge allows 

Investing in the skills Barfly, Boozehound, and Borderline Alcoholic will increase his tolerance and drunkenness limit. Additionally, Liquid Courage, Liquid Bravery, and Liquid Valor will increase Yagami’s EX Gauge charge rate even further.

You can also restore your health and EX Gauge by using items like drinks or snacks. You can either purchase them in convenience stores like the Poppa franchise stores. Or you can also find them around the city. They will also sometimes show up during story missions if you search around the area. The most common ones you’ll find are Toughness Light, Toughness Z, Tuariner, and Staminan X.

Yagami can smoke cigarettes at designated spots around the city, which restores his EX Gauge. However, you’ll need to buy packs from convenience stores. Investing in the skills Social Smoker, Chain Smoker, and Walking Fumigator all restore more segments of the EX Gauge when taking a smoke break.

And that is how you heal to restore HP and EX Gauge in Lost Judgment! Keep an eye out for more Lost Judgment guides here on GameSkinny.

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