Lost Judgment: Where is the Time Capsule?

The Where is the Time Capsule? side story in Lost Judgment can be a bit confusing to start. Here's how to solve it.

The Where is the Time Capsule? side story in Lost Judgment can be a bit confusing to start. Here's how to solve it.

Lost Judgment has plenty of side stories, 42 in fact! They are the goofier and wackier parts of the game, and help balance out the melodramatic and tragic tone of the game’s narrative. One of the side stories is called Where is the Time Capsule? It can be a bit confusing to navigate, but here’s a guide on how to do so.

First, go to Seiryo High School’s courtyard to initiate the side story. You should see three conspicuous middle aged gentlemen; one of them has a shovel. Why would three clearly older men be hanging around a high school campus? Is this something nefarious?

Well, speak with them and you learn that they are trying to find a time capsule that they buried when they attended the school during their younger days. They don’t remember exactly where they buried it, but they do have a clue: “The giant’s wheel lords over the tree with the most branches, three steps south from the roots. Two more steps east, and there a treasure rests.”

To find where the time capsule is, head to the northwest corner of the courtyard. You should see a ferris wheel in the distance. Zoom into observation mode and you should be able to examine it. Yagami will comment on the ferris wheel, and as mentioned by the clue, the capsule should be around a tree nearby.

Look to your left and you should be able to see a large tree next to you, near some students talking (if you’re doing this side story during the daytime). After interacting with the tree, Yagami will dig up the time capsule. Return back to the three gentlemen and they learn that the time capsule isn’t actually theirs.

Go through the dialogue options during the cutscene and select “Someone else mistakenly took it.” It turns out the capsule belongs to a former classmate named Goto. Now, it’s time to find her and see if you can get the right time capsule. Talk to the gentleman again and exhaust all of the dialogue options. One of them provides crucial info that she might be located in Chinatown.

After exhausting the dialogue options, you should get the option to have a sketch of Goto. You can now search for her in Chinatown.

Go to the market on the map, and there will be a blue circle with an arrow on it. Interact with it. This will take you into target search mode. Goto is the woman standing in front of the restaurant alone in a white coat.

After you match her face up with the sketch, the game will then allow you to talk to her. Doing so activates a few other cutscenes and ends the side story. As a reward, you’ll receive 50,000 Yen and 3500 SP.

That’s it for how to complete the Where Is the Time Capsule? side story in Lost Judgment. Check out our other Lost Judgment guides on GameSkinny.


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