LotR Return to Moria: How to Find All Ranger Journals

Ranger Journals give you more lore, as well as unlock recipes, in Return to Moria.

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You may have found yourself gathering Ranger Journal Pages as you explore Khazad-dum, which are needed to repair scout accounts of the area. Restored journals reward you with new lore and recipes. Here’s how to find all Ranger Journals in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

How to Find All Ranger Journal Locations in Return to Moria

There are a number of different ranger journals that are littered throughout Moria. These journals, when put back together, unlock lore and brewing recipes. While all ranger camp locations are similar, since the maps for each region are procedurally generated, they can appear in different areas. However, there are things to look for that every camp has:

  • Bedroll
  • Camp Hearth
  • Chest
  • Ranger Journal stand
  • Farm Patches, usually two or three
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Detailed Tips for Finding Journal Pages

Along with the camp itself, you’ll find green crystal clusters on the floor in the room where it’s located. Following those clusters will lead you to the fire and the Ranger Journal. The clusters can’t be mined or destroyed. Even if you accidentally wreck the camp hearth, bedroll, or other structures in the room, you’ll still have the trail to follow. This is a great hint that you’re close to the journal if you’re having trouble finding it.

Once the camp is found, I always repair the Camp Hearth. Typically, there are enough resources lying around the area so I can fix it, even if I don’t have enough materials. Having the hearth work automatically marks its location on the map, which lets me find it easily in the future. This is especially helpful if I haven’t obtained enough pages to restore the Ranger Journal.

*Note: The images below are where I found the Ranger Camps. If you have the same layout, you may be able to find yours in the same place.

The Mines of Moria

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The journal for the Mines of Moria is located in one of the multi-level rooms past the Elven Quarter. I found mine near an Orc camp, which gave me some peace that I had a place to revive if I died early on. While searching for it, be sure to watch for steam vents that can quickly decimate your armor and health.

  • Brew Recipe: Hopgoblet Lager.
  • Structure unlock: Alchemical Still.

The Lower Deeps

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The Lower Deeps is an area that’s tricky to navigate. Moths, poisonous mushrooms, stronger enemies, and more shadows are found here. Thankfully, the camp in my world was found near the Great Drain Pumps of the Lower Deeps mapstone, though it was just a room over from a troll.

  • Brew Recipe: Orkish Medicine

The Eastern Bastion

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This is the only ranger camp location that seems to be fixed for everyone. It also doesn’t have the green crystals to point the way. However, it’s right near the Bridge of Khazad-dum. When looking at the bridge head on, go to the left all the way down until you reach a room on your left. Inside is the camp.

  • Brew Recipe: Ironheart Stout


Out of all the Ranger Journals, the one located in Dwarrowdelf is easily the hardest to locate. There are multiple levels in the area, as well as different passages you can miss if you’re not looking. After eight hours of searching, I still haven’t found mine, and even the green clusters are missing, making me think it didn’t spawn correctly.

Others have found the camp at the bottom of a flight of stairs, in a room with shadow. They’ve either found it inside a home or right outside it. The shadow can make spotting the hearth or bedroll difficult, so you may want to wait until you can build Durin’s Lamp yourself. Putting together this journal doesn’t reward you with any additional recipe, according to those that have found it.


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The final Ranger Journal is located at the Crossroads, which is the first area you come across in the Barazinbar region. I found the camp in a room behind the dirt wall of the Crossroads, instead of when I headed further into the area towards the Mithril Lode.

  • Brew Recipe: Miruvor

How to Restore Ranger Journals

Ranger Journals are initially found missing a few pages. These pages are scattered throughout the region the journal is for, such as the Mines or Crossroads. Ranger Journal Pages state their region in your inventory and stack up to 10, though you often don’t need that many to fix the journal.

They’re similar in nature to the Muznakan Carvings in that you can find them all over, they’re placement has no apparent rhyme or reason, and the amount gathered exceeds the total required.

Once you’ve collected enough pages, head to your journal and repair it. This will unlock any lore about the area, what the ranger team experienced, and potentially reward you with a new Brew recipe. Restoring the Ranger Journals is the only method of obtaining these beer recipes.

That’s how to find all Ranger Journals, as well as the places my camps were located, in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. For resource locations, where to find more Black Diamonds, or how to unlock the recipe for the Adamant Hammer, delve into our guides hub.

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