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LotR Return to Moria: How to Get the Adamant Hammer

You need the Adamant Hammer to rebuild the Bridge of Khazad-dum in Return to Moria.

Many of the tools necessary to move forward in Khazad-dum are unlocked as soon you first obtain them, such as the Pier when you gather Ubasam Wood. This doesn’t happen with Adamant, however. Here’s how to get the Adamant Hammer in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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How to Unlock the Adamant Hammer in Return to Moria

It seemed a little weird to me that I didn’t learn the recipe for the Adamant Hammer when I first mined an Adamant deposit. That’s how it worked for all the other upgrades, so what gives? It’s actually much later that I got the ability to craft it. Specifically, I unlocked it by killing the final boss, Narag-Shazon. You’ll see the notification for the Adamant Hammer pop up as her body disintegrates into dust.

The Adamant Hammer is the strongest hammer in the game. Previously, you only needed to repair some parts your base, as well as other minor items found in ruined homes. Now that the dragon is dealt with, you need the most powerful hammer to fix the Bridge of Khazad-dum and leave Moria. Finally you’ll be able to step out of the mountain and into the sunshine.

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How to Craft the Adamant Hammer

Once the recipe is unlocked, you’ll need to visit a Khuzdul Forge to create it. In addition to the stronger forge, you need:

Now, you’re able to repair every structure and leave Moria. You’ll also be able to return Dwarrowdelf to its former glory, as well as close the Well of Shadows.

That’s how to unlock and get the Adamant Hammer in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. If you need help finding your way to Barazinbar, gathering resources such as Ironwood, or want to know what the best mods are, delve into our guide vault.

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