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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — How to Get Ironwood

Ironwood is a hard to procure resource in Return to Moria.

To craft some of the more advanced weapons, armor, and crafters, you’ll need Ironwood, a type of runewood. Sourced after you reach the city of Dwarrowdelf, this is how to get Ironwood in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria.

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Ways to Obtain Ironwood in Return to Moria

Ironwood is a rare resource since it doesn’t actually grow anywhere in Khazad-dum. There are no Ironwood trees that sprout in shafts of sunlight. Thankfully, there are a couple ways to get the item, but it can take some time to fill a resource pallet.

Destroy Furniture

When you get to Dwarrowdelf, you’ll note there are a bunch of ruined homes and businesses throughout the area. Many are filled with fancy wooden furniture. Think of this area as a wreck room, as destroying these wooden decorations often results in at least one piece of Ironwood dropping. It’s consistent, but does cause a lot of noise in Uruk filled areas, so you want to pay attention to the meter.

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Additionally, I found that destroying the vases, jars, and barrels that litter the floor in this region can also cause the wood to drop. Specifically, the complete, undestroyed barrels have the highest chance of containing it. You’ll also get some different spices, as well as seeds, needed in recipes.

Use an Enchanted Weapon

Like other precious gems, Emeralds are used to infuse your weapons with magic at a Rune Table. They’re found in Adamant deposits, so you’ll need an advanced pickaxe to dig them up. When you obtain your first Emerald, the Rune for Yarog-Iuthnul will be learned, which gives runewood a chance to drop while chopping other trees. To inscribe the rune you’ll need a total three of the green gem.

The best place to farm Ironwood using your newly enchanted weapon is the Lower Deeps. The tall mushroom trees with red tops should be your focus, as they drop the highest amount of Wood Scraps and Ubasam Wood, and will now potentially drop Ironwood. While it’s not a guaranteed item, this method is safer than destroying furniture near orc camps in Dwarrowdelf.

That’s how to get Ironwood in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. Getting Emeralds and enchanting an axe will result in a safer, more consistent way to farm the resource. If you’re like me, however, and still haven’t gotten one of the gems, destroying furniture can at least give you enough for some upgrades. If you’re wondering where to find other rare resources in Khazad-dum, check out our guide hub.

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