Lord of the Rings Return to Moria How to Get Ubâsam Wood

Where can you find Ubâsam Wood in LotR Return to Moria so you can build the First Age Pickaxe?

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Although it’s among the many resources that you’ll need for building and crafting, you won’t find this one too early. Here’s how to get Ubâsam Wood in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria.

Where to Find Ubâsam Wood in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria

What is Ubâsam Wood Used for?

You’ll need to find and collect Ubâsam Wood before you’re able to make the First Age Pickaxe. That is to say, you’ll need it sooner rather than later.

The First Age Pickaxe might be the most important item that you make using Ubâsam Wood. And you can only unlock the recipe for it by collecting the resources required to craft it, which are Ubâsam Wood, Black Diamond, and Steel Ingots. However, you need to reach the Lower Depths before you can collect this specific resource.

How to Reach the Lower Depths

The Lower Depths is entered through the Crystal Descent. However, you need to repair it before you can use it. This requires:

  • 15 Black Diamonds
  • 20 Elven Wood
  • 30 Natural Fiber

After repairing the Crystal Descent, you can enter the Lower Depths properly. Here, you’ll see not trees, but a purple-ish fungus. I have a habit of hitting anything new in order to collect it and see what it is and if it unlocks new recipes. Otherwise, I likely would’ve missed that the fungus is actually Ubâsam Wood.

As you go deeper into the Crystal Caverns, you’ll find bigger versions of the fungus, which I’ve circled in the image below. While they still aren’t like trees, this larger version is more abundant and way easier to spot.

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And that’s how to get Ubâsam Wood in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. The main quests eventually take you to this area, so keep going through and completing them if you haven’t gotten to the Crystal Descent yet. Then, you’re close to grabbing this valuable resource. From here, check out our LotRRM guide hub for more topics like how to rebuild the Eastern Stairs or our complete list of cooking recipes.

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