Madden 21 Guide: How to Get More Training Points

If you want to know how to get more Madden 21 Training Points for Ultimate Team, we've got your tips right here.

If you want to know how to get more Madden 21 Training Points for Ultimate Team, we've got your tips right here.
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If Ultimate Team is where you spend most of your Madden moments, you’ll want to stock up on Training Points. With Training Points, you can upgrade the players you already have rather than needing to always chase high-priced superstars in the Madden 21 Auction House. 

If you’re looking to learn how to get more Training Points in Madden 21, we’ve got your guide right here, with three different methods sure to keep the Training Points flowing.

How to Get Training Points in Madden 21

Play Superstar KO

Beige Superstar KO menu showing play modes, instructions, and squad members.

Though rewards seem like they’ll be quite limited in variety, the launch week of Madden 21 suggests playing Superstar KO will nonetheless remain a reliable source of Training Points all season long.

That’s because the reward for winning five games of Superstar KO at the time of publishing this guide is a Lamar Jackson NAT 85 card for Ultimate Team. 

While this card would work great as a starter for a QB-needy team, if you’ve already got yourself a field general, this card will net you a massive 450 Training Points. Hopefully, future weeks in Superstar KO will prove just as bountiful for MUT players.

Flip Cards Like Houses

Madden 21's auction browser showing rows and lists of various player cards and their coin costs.

Another method for acquiring Training Points in Madden 21 is to turn your coins into cards and your cards into Training Points.

Coins come at a much faster rate than Training Points, so even if you like your roster as it is and don’t need to go chase new cards in the Auction House, searching for underpriced cards of higher qualities can net you good payouts in Training Points. 

While low-tier cards won’t get you much at all, it’s really about buying in bulk and at the right price. Try to nab several cards with good Training Point trade-in values, then find them in your inventory (Item Binder) and choose quicksell.

You’ll be able to see how many Training Points a card gives you beforehand too, so you’ll not have to worry about selling off a card only to regret it later.

Complete MUT Challenges

MUT Challenges menu showing different challenges, difficulties, rewards, and online firends.

The most straightforward of all methods  the way MUT is designed to dole out Training Points first and foremost  is through the game’s endless stream of Challenges.

Head into MUT and browse the various Missions and their related Challenges. There you’ll be able to see exactly what each Challenge will reward you with upon completion.

The good thing about this method is that it’s virtually endless — almost like farming Training Points. While flipping cards takes some luck in the Auction House and Superstar KO will seemingly only gives out few high-value rewards at a time, Challenges will remain the everpresent and ever-reliable means of maxing out your Training Points. 

That’s all you need to know about getting more Training Points in Madden 21. Be sure to head over to our virtual training facility for more tips and strategies for the latest EA NFL product.

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