Madden 24: How to Throw a Bullet Pass

Here's how to throw a bullet pass in Madden 24.

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Coverage windows can be tight in the NFL, and it’s no different in EA’s yearly football franchise. Ballhawks are always on the lookout for an errant throw. But that doesn’t mean a pass has to be off-target. Indeed, an interception or batted ball can happen because the QB was just too slow. Here’s how to throw a bullet pass in Madden 24.

How to Throw a Bullet Pass in Madden 24

To throw a bullet pass in Madden 24, press and hold the designated receiver button. The ball will zip out of the quarterback’s hand and reach the target as quickly as possible. There’s no faster way to get the ball to a wider receiver (WR), tight end (TE), or running back (RB). You can also throw high and low bullet passes by holding LB/L1 or LT/L2, respectively, and holding the appropriate receiver input.

When to Use a Bullet Pass

The bullet pass might seem like nothing more than brute force, but that’s far from the truth. Instead, this technique is an integral part of the QB’s skill set, and it’s not always successful.

  • Typically, you’ll throw a bullet pass to beat tight coverage. This is a good option in man-to-man.
  • A quick, decisive throw like this can save the QB from getting sacked in the face of pressure.
  • It’s a good technique to beat interceptions because of the small window.

These types of throws are great for quick out routes to the sidelines. They’re also useful for comeback routes, slants or flats on the short side of the field, or sticks squeezing between zones in the middle of the field.

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I’ve also used them when I’ve gone through my progressions too slowly, only finding a wide-out open at the last minute, and I need to get the ball to them quickly. Then again, maybe don’t do that because you could be forcing a throw that isn’t there.

It’s worth noting that bullet passes are inherently lower than other types of throws, such as the lob pass or touch pass. And that’s not considering when you hurl it low with the low passing mechanic. There’s a greater risk that a lineman will get their paw on it or that it may be easily broken up by a rising defensive back (DB). It’s always good to move up in the pocket as your blockers shed defenders around you to create an open lane down field.

But those are the very basics for how to throw a bullet pass in Madden 24. There’s a lot more to learn than just speed when it comes to tossing darts in the NFL. This year’s Skill Based Passing 2.0 mechanics give you more control over placement, too, which I recommend checking out in the Skills Trainer. In the meantime, check out our full list of X Factor Superstar players or how to throw a touch pass.

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