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Madden 24: How to Throw a Touch Pass

Here's how to throw a touch pass in Madden 24.

Knowing how to throw a touch pass in Madden 24 is one of the harder things to do. However, it’s an essential skill to master to dominate the competition, whether that be the CPU or another real-life player. Just like anything else in EA’s perennial football franchise, it will take a little bit of practice. But with patience, you’ll get it down and learn how useful it can be against any defensive scheme.

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How to Throw a Touch Pass in Madden 24

To throw a touch pass in Madden 24, press and release the designated receiver button. These are the throws I struggle with the most. The press timing is roughly between the tap of a lob pass and the hold of a bullet pass. I suggest going into Training Camp and the Skills Trainer. There, you can practice a touch pass (or several) if you’re having trouble.

It’s worth noting that you can also throw a touch pass in Madden 24 high and low. To do so, hold LB/L1 or LT/L2, respectively. The animations for these are slightly different than the normal throw. They can also be affected by certain skills based on the QB behind the center. Here’s our X Factors and Superstars guide for more info.

How to Use a Touch Pass

As mentioned above, the Madden 24 touch pass occupies the middle ground between a bullet pass (a fast throw on a rope) and a lob pass (a slower, more arcing throw with air under the ball). Indeed, a touch pass is a medium-speed throw, giving you the best of both worlds. In a sense. That’s because this is the hardest pass to pull off and can lead to inadvertent bullets and lobs. Used right, however, it can be dangerous.

  • Usually, a touch pass is used to get behind the defensive line and linebackers (LBs). However, it should fall in front of the secondary/defensive backs/cornerbacks.
  • It allows quarterbacks to get balls out more quickly but put less air under the ball.
  • The touch pass is good for medium-yardage plays or quick dump plays.
  • The downside is it still gives ballhawk a chance to undercut receivers for INTs if not timed properly.

I tend to use the touch pass in Madden 24 during screens, flats, and comebacks over the middle. They’re good for getting over the heads of the linemen and the upraised arms of a crashing LB or defensive back (DB). Though, as mentioned above, it’s easy to get the press wrong and instead throw a lob pass that throws off a play’s timing.

Using the mechanics in Skill Based Passing 2.0 is a good idea in general, but even more so when throwing a touch pass. That’s because you can lead the receiver away from a defender, hitting them in the hands or only where they can catch it.

But that’s the very basics for how to throw a touch pass in Madden 24. As you play against different defenses and practice in Training Camp, you’ll find even more uses for it — and uses that best fit your QB’s skillset and abilities. Like other throws in the NFL, it’s situational, so don’t rely on it too much. Make it just one part of your game plan.

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