How to get started with the 2-berry method, and its upsides and downsides.

Magikarp Jump 2 Berry Method Guide

How to get started with the 2-berry method, and its upsides and downsides.
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Is it possible to minmax in a game as simple as Magikarp Jump? It seems so, and if you’re in a rush to push through the game, you’d do well to learn the two-berry method.

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There are two things to know about this method before delving deeper into it:

  1. It is currently the fastest way to pump XP into your Magikarp
  2. If you’ve unlocked more than the first two berry types, you have to reset your game data

If both of these sound fine to you, let’s move onto how to reset your game data.

How to Restart in Magikarp Jump

Some games make this a pain, but luckily enough, it’s a simple process for Magikarp Jump. Just be careful you don’t uninstall instead of delete the game’s data.

Whether on an iOS or Android device, all you have to do to reset your game data is:

  1. Go into your device’s app options
  2. Find the game
  3. Delete its data

Your device may say to clear it instead of delete, but the effect is still the same.

In most Android devices, this is under Settings -> Apps, which you scroll through to the find the game. I’m not sure what the iOS process is, but it’s surely not too different.

The Gist of the Two-Berry Method

Explaining what the method entails is a simple task: You simply don’t buy any berries past Sitrus Berry, and you focus all your coins between the Oran Berry and Sitrus Berry.

This way it becomes very cheap (when compared to improving other berries) to get your Magikarp’s food to be packed with JP.

The reason this method works is the game will always spawn your lowest JP berry when the pond is empty. If you only have two berry varieties waiting in the wings and you’re pumping them full of coins, you’re bound to get a high JP food first.

If there is a huge difference between your highest and lowest JP berry using this method, you are better off letting food accumulate in the pond before picking them up. If there’s less of a gap, there’s little harm in grabbing berries up as soon as they spawn.

Moving on From Two Berries

Once you have finished upgrading the first two berries to 100 and you’re ready to start with the next one (Pecha), be sure to stock up on coins beforehand so you can upgrade the next berry to a comparable level (90+) as the first two.

This way you do not have low JP berries spawning among the ones you’ve piled coins onto. But do be aware you need a great deal of coins to move onto getting the Pecha Berry leveled up.

The Caveat to the Two-Berry Method

There is one downside to the two-berry method (if deleting your data wasn’t a downside), and that is you will be starved of Support Candies.

You get a Support Candy for each 25 levels you put into a food or training. When only focusing on Oran and Sitrus Berries, you’re not exactly going to be rolling in Support Candies to improve your Support Pokemon.

This is one downside that is very important to remember as the effects of some Support Pokemon are beneficial enough to want them leveled up.

You have to keep this in mind before pushing forward with deleting your data and starting over. The two-berry method is definitely a fast way to get your Magikarp leveled right now, but the lack of Support Candy is a very real negative side effect to consider before pushing forward. But if you want fast progress today, just go for it!

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