Majora’s Mask 3D Guide: How to Beat the New Temple Bosses

Having trouble with the new boss fights? Here are several ways you can beat them all!

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There have been a number of tweaks made to gameplay in the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask. The biggest ones are the changes that have been made to swimming with Zora Link and the changes to the Great Bay Temple, but N64 veterans will still be shocked to see some of the tweaks that have been made to the four major 3DS Temple bosses.

Now with giant visible eyes located somewhere on their bodies, these bosses all require slightly different tactics to beat.

IMPORTANT! While fighting all of these bosses, I recommend you bring at least one Fairy to revive you if you die. These are fairly easy to find throughout the world by smashing pots and cutting up bushes – there is almost always a fairy hiding in the bushes/pots near an Owl Statue.

How to Beat Odolwa (Woodfall Temple Boss)

In the N64 game, you could rush him as normal Link and lambast him with your sword by timing your attacks in between him. On the 3DS, you will notice that the Woodfall Temple boss now has a large eye on the back of his head and simply hacking at his knees won’t do the trick. You will need to hit this eye in order to stun and kill him. There are two ways you can do this:

Bombs and Bomb Flowers (Harder)
  1. There are Bomb Flowers growing around the edges of the room.

  2. Throw bomb flowers (or bombs, which are more forgiving) with normal Link and throw them at just the right time in order for them to explode just at head height to stun him but this is tricky.

  3. Shoot him in the eye on the back of his head and repeat until his is beaten.

Deku Flowers and Deku Nuts (Easier)
  1. Switch to DekuLink and burrow into one of the flowers on the ground near him. Launch Deku Link into the air and drop a Deku Nut on the boss to stun him.

  2. Switch back to normal Link and shoot him with the Hero bow. You should get in about three shots in before he comes out of his stun.

  3. Repeat this about two more times in order to defeat him.

How to Beat Goht (Snowhead Temple Boss)

This boss fight is very similar between the 3DS and the N64 version.

  1. Start by melting the ice encasing this boss with a Fire Arrow and he repays you for your kindness by trying to run you down.

  2. Switch to Goron Link and chase after him in a roll – pick up enough speed to sprout spikes from your back (and in the 3DS version, you will see an orange trail following you) before you engage the boss.

  3. Ram into him enough times and he will fall over. 

  4. In the N64 version, it is easier to keep simply rolling and just direct Goron Link to stay in one position constantly ramming into Goht. In the 3DS version you will have to transform back into normal Link and shoot him in the giant eye on his back three times. 

  5. He will get back up and keep running. Chase after him again. With each successive time you bring him down, Goht will employ more impediments to stopping you – bombs, falling rocks, electricity attacks, etc.

  6. After about two more times, you will watch a cutscene of Goht ramming himself into a wall and burying himself in a pile of rocks.

How to Beat Gyorg (Great Bay Temple Boss) 

There are two ways you can start the beginning of this boss battle, as either normal Link or Zora Link. This holds true to the N64 version where the point of the fight was the stun Gyorg from the central platform as the giant fish tries to knock you off. Once hit, he sinks down to the bottom of the room stunned, and you swim over as Zora Link to whale on him until he gets back up and chases you back to the platform.

Normal Link
  1. Similar to the N64 version, start as normal Link and shoot Gyorg with the Hero Bow. (I like doing this boss fight while wearing the Bunny Hood so I can run around the platform faster, but don’t do this if you have trouble with falling off the edges.)

  2. After doing this a few times, Gyorg will lunge up onto the platform, and the eye will sprawl out from his mouth. Shoot this several times with the Hero Bow as quickly as possible. 

  3. Soon the platform will sink. When this happens, transform into Zora Link.

  4. Spike bombs on chains will rise up from the floor. Swim to one that is quite close to Gyorg. When you get near, he will activate a suction attack which will suck you up into his jaws.

  5. Attack the chain when this attack happens and he will suck up one of these bombs into his mouth instead.

  6. Repeat this several times to kill him. 
Zora Link
  1. Transform into Zora Link right away. Use your fin boomerangs to stun Gyorg. You will likely miss a number of times, but this strategy is more forgiving if you fall into the water.

  2. When he is stunned, he will lunge forward onto the central platform and the eye will fall out of his mouth. Activate your electric speed wave and speed into his eye, damaging him. 

  3. Soon the platform will sink. Spike bombs on chains will rise up from the floor.

  4. Swim to one that is quite close to Gyorg. When you get near, he will activate a suction attack which will suck you up into his jaws.

  5. Attack the chain when this attack happens, and he will suck up one of these bombs into his mouth instead. 

  6. Repeat this several times to kill him.

How to Beat Twinmold (Stone Tower Temple Boss)

This boss is quite different compared to the original N64 fight – it has been modified so that you are unable to use the Giant’s Mask until midway through the fight.

IMPORTANT: This boss fight will be much easier if you bring a Green Potion or drink a Chateau Romani at some point during your current 3-day cycle.

  1. Shoot the Twinmold in each of the eyes located on the underbelly with the Hero Bow’s regular arrows. This will stun the creature, and the giant eye will pop up. Use as many Light Arrows on this eye as you can.


  2. Repeat this process. The creature will now have more eyes on its underbelly.

  3. There will be a pause in the fight when you defeat the first blue Twinmold, and a chest will appear with the Giant’s Mask

  4. Wearing the Giant’s Mask uses up magic power so if you run low and did not bring anything that will top up your magic bar, switch back to normal Link and smash the central pillars for green magic pots.

  5. Sidestep and dodge the fireballs from the red Twinmold and smash it with your fists as Giant Link.

  6. Watch out when it burrows underground because it will either pop out with more fireballs or unleash some small minions. These can be killed easily with B or by rolling over them and will drop health. 

  7. After you’ve punched the red Twinmold enough times, it will lie on the ground stunned. Grab it by its tail to swing it around and smash it to th ground. 

  8. Repeat this four more times to finish the fight.

Collecting all four masks from the Temple Bosses will allow you to call the guardians to the Clock Tower on the Night of the Third Day to help you against the Skull Kid.

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